Aparna Sen, Ananth Mahadevan to attend DC South Asian Film Festival

Tribute to legends Rituparno Ghosh, Rajan Kothari.

Biswarup Ganguly (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

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The 4th Annual DC South Asian Film Festival (DCSAFF) will be held from September 25 to 27, 2015. This year, the theme of the festival will be “Art & Culture Transcend Boundaries”, where movies from India and Pakistan will be screened along with discussions with some filmmakers.

In a conversation with The American Bazaar, Executive Director of the festival Manoj Singh talks about what the audience can expect this year. Excerpts:

What should the film lovers from this area expect from the fourth edition of DCSAFF?

This year, there will many exciting things to expect – from movies to workshops.

There will be award-winning independent films such as “Court”, “Rough Book”, “Saari Raat”, and upcoming films like “Kadambari” and “Partu” and a new movie about legendary Pakistani writer Manto. We will also screen the late director and actor Rituparno Ghosh’s “Chitrangada” and late cinematographer Rajan Kothari’s “Das Capital as tribute to the legends.

Moreover, the attendees will get to meet legendry actress and director Aparna Sen, and Pakistani Director Huma Beg, who will screen her award-winning documentary “Veils and Walls” and attend a Q&A session.

This year we have musical entertainment karaoke on Friday and Saturday nights, and well-known stand-up comic Vijai Nathan will perform on Closing Night Awards. There will also be acting and script writing workshops on Saturday and Sunday morning at the Courtyard Marriott in Gaithersburg.

Who are some of the big names that are going to attend the festival?

National award winning director Aparna Sen, actors Raima Sen, Konkona Sen Sharma, Ananth Mahadevan, Miss India Pakistan USA Sarish Khan, director and actor Sarmad Sultan Khoosat and actress Madam Sabiha Khanum from Pakistan, national award winning Director Suman Ghosh, stand-up comic Vijai Nathan, ex-Miss World Pakistan Zanib Naved, Director Ravi Kapoor and many others are attending.

In addition to films made in India, there are also movies produced in North America. Tell us about the US and Canadian entries.

We are doing the USA premiere of “Partu”, a film by Washington, DC-based Nitin Adsul, “Miss India America” and “For Here or To Go” made by South Asians in USA.  We also have short film entries from India, Canada (Bonjour ji and SUN) and Europe.

Do you see any interest for the festival outside of the South Asian community here?

Yes, there is an increase in the non-South Asian audience. With all movies shown with English subtitles they are enjoying the show. While the number has significantly increased after Slumdog Millionaire. The influx of Indians IT professionals has influenced more Americans to watch films from India and enjoy South Asian food.

How is the reception so far in terms of ticket sales? For those who have not purchased the tickets, how and where can they buy the tickets?

While sales of tickets for some movies are doing well, it really increases one week prior to the film festival. The tickets can be purchased at www.dcsaff.com.

Tell us about the opening red carpet and closing night? Are they open to public?

For Opening Night Red Carpet and Closing Night Awards Gala one has to purchase ticket.  In the Opening Night Red Carpet event, audience gets to meet n greet all the visiting artists, and enjoy lovely evening of glamor, movie, dinner, and musical entertainment. Even at the Closing Night Awards Gala, they can meet n greet visiting artists, enjoy movies, participate in panel discussion and laugh the night away with stand-up comedy.

This year, we have started Saturday Night Special Package (Movie or Documentary), Pizza, and Karaoke for a reasonable $20.00.

Friday Sept 25, 2015
6:00 PM AMC/Courtyard Opening Red Carpet, Movie, Meet n Greet, Dinner, and Musical Entertainment
AMC Short Film: Bonjour Ji
AMC Opening Night Feature Film: Saari Raat
Saturday Sept 26 2015
9:00 AM Courtyard Acting Workshop – Courtyard Marriott Rio
Instructor : Pratik Kothari
12:00 PM AMC Feature Film: For here or to go
Short Film: Avathali Vaipu
AMC Feature Film: Court
Short Film: Sun
3:00 PM AMC Feature Film: Kadambari
Short Film: Billu’s Flight
AMC Feature Film: Miss India America
Short Film: What is your name?
6:00 PM AMC Feature Film: Partu
Short Film: Mawaad
Courtyard DCSAFF Saturday Night Special
Sunday Sept 27, 2015
9:00 AM Courtyard Script Writing Workshop
Instructor: Suman Ghosh
12:00 PM AMC Feature Film: Margarita with a Straw
Short Film: 100 Rupees
AMC (Tribute to Rituparno Ghosh)
Feature Film: Chitrangada
Short Film: Yaari Road
3:00 PM AMC Closing Night Film
Feature Film: Rough Book
Short Film: Interior Café Night
AMC Feature Film: Manto (Almost Sold Out)
Short Film: Reclaiming Pakistan
6:00 PM AMC Feature Film: Shah (Temporarily on hold)
Short Film: In Search of America, Inshallah
AMC Feature Film: Partu (2nd Show)
Courtyard Closing Night Panel Discussion, Stand Up Comic, Awards, Dinner
For more information and tickets please go to www.dcsaff.com


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