Watch ‘swinging’ Aziz Ansari in short film ‘hi guys’

Collaborates with Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer.

Photo via Instagram
Photo via Instagram

By Raif Karerat

People have taken to admiring high-profile, A-list entourages from afar, such as those boasted by stars such as Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

It has gotten to the point where squads have become a meme relevant to current media trends, with SNL recently having spoofed the phenomenon.

In a mock movie trailer, Aidy Bryant and Vanessa Bayer wake up and discover that “The Squad” had reached critical mass. “First it was the models, then the athletes … then it was everybody. Police, fire department, Matt LeBlanc …” a tearful Kenan Thompson explains.

USA Today has noted that not all celebrity “squads” were created equal, and the outfit formed by Indian American Aziz Ansari, Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, and Amy Schumer this past weekend at the Oddball Fest comedy tour may put all other pretenders to shame.

The pop-culture powerhouse of an ensemble showed just how much fun off-duty actors can have by releasing a short film on Instagram. Titled, “hi guys,” it stars a swinging Ansari, peacocking Pratt,  and the effervescent, echoing giggle of Schumer.

Lawrence is listed as director of the effort, while Schumer served as the director of photography.

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