Regret deportation of Indian students on F1 visas: US ambassador Richard Verma

Still collecting facts on students stopped from flying to California: Verma.

US Ambassador to India, Richard Verma

By Dileep Thekkethil

Four days after a San Francisco-bound Air India airline refused to accept 19 Indian students who had secured admission in two California universities that are allegedly under the scrutiny of the US government, the US embassy in Delhi said they are still collecting facts.

According to the US ambassador to India, Richard Verma, the embassy has come to know about the difficulty faced by a few students who were advised by the Air India authorities to cancel their trip to the US due to the fear of deportation. Due to the uncertainty of the situation, India has directed students who got admission in those two US universities to postpone their travel plans until the issue got resolved.

“The embassy is aware of reports that some students bound for two California schools were denied entry by Customs and Border Protection. We regret the impact this may have had on certain students and their families,” Verma said.

“We are following this situation closely and have been in regular communication with the Department of Homeland Security, as well as the government of India. Facts are still being collected,” Verma said in a statement.

The ambassador also said that the US will continue to accept students from India as study programs and exchange programs have been pivotal in shaping up the bilateral relationship of the two countries for decades.

The external affairs ministry of India had on Wednesday issued a recommendation to students traveling to the US saying that there have been several instances in the past few months where Indian students were denied entry by the US immigration authorities despite having valid visa documents to study in two educational institutions – Silicon Valley University at San Jose and Northwestern Polytechnic University, Fremont.

It said, “Government of India has taken up this matter with the US government. We have asked the US authorities to explain the reasons for denial of entry on a large scale to Indian students holding valid visas. The response of the US government is awaited.

“Till such time the matter is satisfactorily resolved, the students seeking admission in aforementioned two institutions are advised to defer their travel to the United States,” the advisory read.

Silicon Valley University issued an advisory note to all new and returning students asking them to bring original documents. SVU said “there were rumors reported by the media in India stating that SVU is being targeted by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP).”

The university blamed the students for their deportation back to India saying, “Due to the fact that there were some new SVU students being removed or deported back to India because they were not able to answer the questions adequately to the satisfaction of the inspectors at the port of entry.”

Northwestern Polytechnic University president Peter Hsieh assured students, families, and friends that his team is doing their best to clear NPU’s name and fight for the rights of the students.

Air India authorities had earlier on Monday said: “In the past, we have witnessed that students who secured admission in those institutions have been deported to India as soon as they land there. To avoid embarrassment to them and save their money, we prevented them from boarding the flight.

“So far, 14 students who travelled on Air India flights to San Francisco have been deported. Students travel on a one-way ticket to the US and, in the event of deportation, incur huge expenditure to buy a ticket back to India on first available service. Further, seats are often not available on any airlines to travel back,” said the statement released by Air India.

Foreign ministry spokesperson Vikas Swarup had said: “We have seen reports regarding deportation of Indian students from San Francisco. As per information available with us, the deportations have taken place due to denial of entry to these students by US immigration authorities. Air India has acted as per the advice of US authorities.”

He also added that the ministry has taken up the issue with the US government and is closely monitoring it and expressed hope that the issue will soon be resolved.

All 19 students who were denied boarding passes were carrying F-1 student visa issued by US consulate in Hyderabad along with the requisite I-20 forms issued by the universities, certifying their admission.


  1. Gnanender Nelluri Taraka Rama (NTR)

    This message is for all Indian Students whoever studied from State Universities(For Example JNTU and its Affiliated Colleges especially all Telugu Students) in B.TECh/M.TECH/MSc/Related degrees in Computer Sciences must withdraw their US plans to study on F1 for 15 years since they will be sent back to India from POE itself.All Telugu students will have to wear Ankle Electronic Monitoring devices to avoid their part-time work while on Student Visas ie.,F1.The students whoever have achieved above 95% in engineering degrees from State Universities will be allowed and also they should get 99.99 Percentages in TOEFL and GRE else I suggest never try to visit US.You will face deportation as being experienced by Telugu students at Hyderabad/Telangana.As observed by DHS and POE Officers,all Telugu students are very anger and aggressive and few students even doesn’t know to talk in English and due to the Telugu students bad behavior the POE officer have done a very excellent job in deporting them from POE itself.All Republicans and Democrats are very greatfull to the POE officers for doing their excellent job in deporting all Telugu students. even Indian government will not be able to help these Telugu guys whoever was deported since everyone failed immigration assessment conducted by POE officers.Also all Telugu students were aggressive and behaved badly due to this the POE also handcuffed many students and made them worn a jail inmate dresses and they all were kept in jail robbery cells for 3-7 days without food and water.This is what the punishment have to be faced if any Telugu student will behave aggressively and in anger condition with POE officers.Is your JNTU not offering any jobs or only producing fake degrees with very very low standards of evaluation ? All JNTU degrees were confirmed as fake in U.S.You will also find these Telugu students working in Restaurants,Indian shopping centers and Gas stations and such throughout US and if they continue while on F1 then the DHS will deport all Telugu students and I suggest all telugu students not to work while on F1 Student visas and as per US Law it is totally illegal to work while on F1 Visas and you all need to respect US Law.

  2. I can understand racist or despotic Americans objecting to students from other countries, especially India, coming there but cannot understand the cynical Indians posing here almost ecstatically supporting the despotic measures of the US Government, which however has no objections to allowing and even spending millions of doles in welfare doles, to the so-called Syrian refugees and other visa-less immigrants from Muslim countries – perhaps with a motto: “Muslims of the World, Unite! and perform more San Bernandinos and spread Sharia Law and make all countries Dar-ul-Islam!”? What is wrong in students working there in free time, earning and thereby also contributing to the American economy? If it is illegal, it is the employer who is to be punished and not the employee who does it for livelihood, and honorably, laboring for the hard wages. He also studies. Always there have been so many stories that students going to America have the facility of work and study and by dint of hard work, and hard study, so many non-American students have attained highest educational honors and later success in lives and contributed greatly to society everywhere. I strongly protest against this despotic, arbitrary action of the US authorities, and demand that they immediately do amends, invite those very students by valid call letters, pay them all compensation for the lakhs of rupees (thousands of dollars) they already lost and also allow them to work – do good and honest labor – in their free times and earn and study. I protest more against the ‘dirty Indians’ who commented gloating over the misery and victimization of the fellow Indian students and wish that they drown in ‘chullu bhar paani’ and die.


    Electronic Monitoring/Ankle Electronic Monitoring:
    The DHS/Immigration department has decided to have the Ankle Electronic Monitoring Systems for all F1 students coming from Andhra/Telangana/JNTU to monitor their movements and to avoid them from working during Night/Weekends in Indian Stores/Shopping centers/gas stations /restaurants.This Electronic Monitoring/Ankle Electronic Monitoring devices has been implemented for Tri-Valley University Telugu talking students those have been caught while working in Dollar Stores and Gas stations.Due to this the students cannot cross certain Miles and if they cross then they will have very huge penalties and it will be criminal offences.
    If any of the students are caught,they will have to pay a penalty of 55,000$ and will be deported as per current law.

  4. All JNTU Guys are fit for their aggressive behavior but not fit for finding a JOB in India and also US government has done a good job in deporting all these telugu Guys.In coming Months the US DHS has decided to deport all telugu students whoever travel to US on F1 Visas and also they will need to pay a fine of 1000$/Student.Only students from IIT/NIT/AMIE/Central Univ like JNU/BHU and such institutions will be allowed and all State Universities like JNTU students will be deported.

  5. Ramesh Bolledu

    The US Government has done a Excellent job in deporting these telugu guys whoever have traveled from Hyderabad/Telangana/AP to US. The reason is all these guys always work in gas stations/restaurants/shopping malls/Indian stores and such. It is the fault of Indian Government to send these guys on F1 and work in US is a Crime.The US Gov has done a survey and caught more then 1000 Telugu Guys whoever worked in US at Gas stations and such Indian stores/shopping malls and sent them back to India after this they decided harassing all telugu gus whoever visit on F1 to US.These Guys always work in US to clean Yards/Latrines and such jobs for 5$/Hour.All these Guys are from JNTU and its affiliated college B.Tech graduated students.It is confirmed that all JNTU guys certificates are fake because of very low standards of education,question paper setting,evaluation standards. The minimum qualifying marks at Stanford/harvard is above 80% and qualifying marks at JNTU is 30% that means all these guys are totally unfit for even education in US so why these people are coming to US on F1 and it clearly looks like they want to work as latrines cleaners for 5$/Hourly wage.Hence all these guys of telugu community have been thrown away from US by the US Gov and the US Gov have done a excellent job with 10/10 Points.

  6. Ramesh Bolledu


    I have few open jobs for Indian Telugu Students whoever have studied from JNTU and its private colleges affiliated to JNTU and the jobs are below:
    a) Cleaning Yard JNTU Specialist(5$/Hour) b) Latrines cleaning JNTU Team Lead(6$/Hour) c) JNTU Cashier in Dollar Store(4$/Hour) d)Garbage collection JNTU Specialist (6$/Hr) e)Teeth Cleaner JNTU Team Lead(6$/Hour). All students must have studied from Private Engg colleges affiliated to JNTU and even from JNTU campuses.We are hiring above open jobs especially from JNTU since JNTU degrees are all fake.These students study more courses then IIT’s and NIT’s but in terms of Knowledge they all are Huge Zero’s.IIT’s study only 25-35 Courses and JNTU Students study above 45 subjects and it looks like even if they study 100 subjects from JNTU they will become more weaker and zero’s in terms of getting JOB.JNTU is not fit for offering these guys with jobs in Hyderabad/telangana/Andhra since the JNTU is only fit for producing fake degree’s and zero jobs.That’s the reason US Authorities have confirmed JNTU degrees are all fake.Even a Associate Member from Institution from Engineers is much more greater then JNTU and these AMIE students study around 20 Courses and they are much more knowledgeable from these JNTU latrin guys.

  7. That’s good all Indian F1 students especially from Andhra and Telangana whoever have studied in JNTU must be deported since everyone work in gas stations,restaurants and dollar stores and shops set up by Indian communities.US Government have done the great job in deporting illegal F1 students whoever work on study visa.All telugu students are working in stores and one of the task is to clean latrines for 5$/Hourly wage.The US Customs Dept and Homeland security has conducted the huge survey and caught almost 1000+ students working while on F1 especially during weekends and Holidays and evenings/night and this has made US Gov to deport all Indian students especially from Andhra and Telangana and all students who had studied in JNTU.

  8. Of course there may be some alligations on Indians here in US but don’t forget that no US citizen can work as an Indian citizen does. The only thing the people in US know is how to get rid from work and how to enjoy the weekends.

  9. Over 200 students were deported after getting Visa to study in the following universities

    – Trine University
    – Kent State University
    – Concorde University
    – American College of Commerce and Technology
    – HULT International Business school
    – Lincoln University
    – Iowa State Univerity
    – Troy State University
    – Stratford University
    – Monroe University
    – Silicon Valley University
    – Northwestern Polytechnic University

  10. chintankumar k patel

    Hello ,
    I chintan patel from gujarat.
    U.S.A Imigration officer deported me from los angeles without any reason ,I had admission at svu .The interview was perfect and there wasn’t any issues in documents.moreover, I am financially strong,But he just made reason for my deportation.(deportation date 30/12/2015 lax airport) imigration custody hours 27.

  11. Good News ! Fraud Students are finally deported. Hope Authorities take action on those who have already in US with AED, OPT , H1 , L1, F1 . The intentions are clear from the begning to secure US greend card and Citizenship. Million of Universities in India , then why come to US. Serious action is required on outsoucred projects too.

    • Sir with due respect to your comment, no matter how many Indians and Chinese gets deported from USA, still 100% of the software products will be developed by Indians and 90% of items will be manufactured by China.

      I’ve nothing against America. American companies have to outsource in order to stay competitive in market. Today’s world is a global village and no economy can prosper in isolation.

  12. Well no need to go to such country where there is no respect for basic human right. USA has always been my last option to visit. For getting exposure in Foreign Universities, better try for some European Universities or Japanese.

  13. jagdeep singh

    sir .i am jagdeep singh .
    i was apply f-1 visa 2 tyms . First time hydhrabad and second time delhi but they were refuse me .i am good and fruitful student .my pasport no. M3569485

  14. Ghulam Muhammed, Mumbai

    US Immigration office action in rejecting the Students, mid-way while already checked in on airline, is most insensitive. The students could easily be examined on US soil and given time and facility to return honorably, if found with some technical fault in their visa issues. The rough way US authorities dealing with other than their own White citizen, is becoming a serious scandal reviving the memories of ‘The Ugly American Syndrome’. At least with a black President Obama still in the saddle, there could be permanent check and oversight of how the authorities deal with other humans, either at home or abroad.

  15. I want apply for Australia

  16. Rajwinder kaur

    Please sir help me me three time apply usa student visa but three times refuse usa ambesy delhi and Hyderabad so plz hlp usa visa approved me. Im good student Good income.plzz help passport no M7709182

    • Please dont beg here. No one will give you any Sh*t here. India is wonderful country and with lot of oppurtunities. Afterall, nothing better than staying in home country.

  17. Please sir help me me two time apply usa visitor visa but two times refuse usa ambesy delhi so plz hlp usa visa approved me. Im good farmer. Good income.plzz help passport no L7493142

    • Mr lakhvir singh do not post you passport no or give your passport no to any one untill it is necessary. and more over in this no one is going to do anything if your visa rejects.

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