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I certainly won’t be voting for Donald Trump: Ami Bera

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Democrats will turn out in large numbers for presidential elections, says Congressman.

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Ami Bera at the Langar. P Photo credit: Sirmukh Singh Manku

California Rep. Ami Bera (D-Elk Grove) voiced his displeasure with the GOP presidential frontrunner, businessman Donald Trump, in an interview, where he also predicted that the Democrats will turn out in large numbers for the presidential polls in November.

Asked if ‘Does Donald Trump help or hurt your chances’ by the Sacramento Bee, Bera, who represents much of Sacramento County, responded: “I certainly won’t be voting for Donald Trump. I think he is certainly out of step with a lot of people in our district: Democrats and Republicans … I have always said the Affordable Care Act is not what I would have done. They have spent millions of dollars tying me to (Obamacare). Certainly (Jones) is tied to whoever their nominee is.”

Bera, a physician by training, is for re-election this year and he will go up against Republican Sheriff Scott Jones, to retain his seat in Congress. Jones has already voiced his support for Trump.

Bera also made it clear that he is supporting former Senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for president.

“As someone who is on the Foreign Affairs Committee and who has been looking at the complexity around the world … the challenge of the Middle East and North Africa, there really is only one candidate who comes in with the full breadth and knowledge and who can hit the ground running … Hillary Clinton,” he responded in his interview to the Bee.

Asked if he sensed that he’s been targeted by Republicans as much as he was two years ago, Bera responded that he will go about his job as he usually does, “…always run as though you are in the toughest race of your life and you’ve got to talk to everyone and you’ve got to try to get every vote. That’s how I have always tried to carry myself. Presidential turnout should be a lot higher (for Democrats). We should get more younger voters, more minority voters, more Democrats. It should be an easier cycle. But, again, I’ve never approached it that way.”

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