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Stephen Hawking fulfils dream: acts as a villain in Jaguar F-Pace ad

Courtesy of Jaguar.

By Dileep Thekkethilhawkins

Stephen Hawking always dreamt of uncovering hidden facts behind the existence of the universe and even making predictions on how the world will once cease to exist.

But not many knew that the greatest scientist now living on the planet had a secret ambition to act in movies, not as an eminent physicist who saves the world from calamities, but as an antihero, to put it in his own words, a “baddie in a James Bond film”.

The renowned physicist revealed his secret ambition during an interview for Wired magazine. He said, “I think the wheelchair and the computer voice would fit the part.”

Now, it seems like the secret wish of the wheelchair-ridden scientist has finally come true as the luxury car manufacturer Jaguar, launched a commercial ad for its latest car F-Pace, which has Hawkins playing the dream role of a British villain.

The ad begins with the lead, played by Tom Hiddleston, effortlessly riding the super luxury car through different terrains and finally stopping in front of a postmodern building in the mountains where the real-life Hawkins awaits him.

Hawking tells the Hiddleston after looking at the maneuvering capabilities of the Jaguar F-Pace “Well, I see you’ve mastered the laws of gravity.” The lead replies saying “We are the masters of the time and space” and Hawkins completes saying “And we all drive Jaguars. Ha ha ha”

Excited to find himself in the new avatar at the age of 74, Hawking took to Facebook and wrote, “You all know me as Professor Stephen Hawking, the physicist wrestling with the great concepts of time and space. But there is another side to me that you may not know: Stephen Hawking the actor. I have always wanted to be in a movie playing the part of a typical British villain. And now, thanks to Jaguar my wish has come true. I am proud to present the premiere of the launch commercial for Jaguar’s first performance SUV, the new Jaguar F-PACE. –SH.”

The new Jaguar F-Pace ad is directed by Tom Hooper under the creative direction of John Sutcliffe and Martin Cox. Oscar Winner Tom Hooper is also the man behind the British Villains series of commercials, starring actors like Tom Hiddleston, Mark Strong, Nicholas Hoult and Ben Kingsley.

With what little we have seen of him in the new Jaguar ad, Hawking seems to be a perfect pick for the baddie role in the next James Bond movie.


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  1. “The ad begins with the lead, played by…” I don’t know who this young man is, he has a beautiful accent but he’s not Tom Hiddleston.

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