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Watch: Indian American tween Sparsh Shah creates sensation with rendition of Eminem’s ‘Not Afraid’

Shah’s cover was tweeted by Salman Khan.

By Dileep ThekkethilSprash

Sparsh Shah, a 12-year-old Indian American boy, is trending big on social media after his soulful rendition of American rapper Eminem’s “Not Afraid” was tweeted by Bollywood actor Salman Khan.

Sparsh is born with a rare bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta and is wheelchair ridden as his bones are prone to fracture if exerted pressure.

Shah, in the introduction to the song, says that he is an ardent fan of Eminem and is “his biggest idol ever.”

The tween who made his own version of the song added a bit of Indian flavor by mixing it with Hindustani Classical music, giving a desi touch to the internationally acclaimed pop song.

Soon after Sparsh posted the video on YouTube, Salman Khan who was impressed by the passion of the boy, tweeted the video, making it viral in India through his millions of fans. He wrote “just Tweeting This. Don’t watch it, your loss …”

According to reports, Sparsh, who lives in the US, has other talents, writing songs, poems, short stories and composing music. He is also learning Hindustani classical and American vocal music.

Sparsh performs at public events. He has also appeared on TV shows and various radio programs.

Sparsh though has had a very difficult and painful 12-years of his life as he was born with 35 broken bones and over the years suffered 125 fractures. But this boy has stood up against all odds and followed his passion.

He has also mastered 250 digits of Pi and can say the longest 12 words from the English dictionary in under 18 seconds.

He also has the ability to speak English in four different accents and had the dexterity to spell the 45-letter-long word “Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis” at the age of six.

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