World’s cheapest smartphone launched: Namotel Achhe Din for $1.50

Yes, that’s right: one dollar and fifty cents.

By Dileep Thekkethil


After Ringing Bells failed to keep its promise to bring the world’s cheapest smartphone Freedom 251 to the Indian market, Namotel claims to have achieved it through its device Namotel Achhe Din, which is reportedly marketed for just Rs. 99 (around one dollar and fifty cents).

According to Madhava Reddy, the promoter of Namotel, the 3G enabled smartphone priced at Rs. 2,999 will be launched for a special introductory price of Rs. 99 for people who book it between May 17 and May 25.

Once again the talk about world’s cheapest smartphone is on and along with it there are a few unanswered questions. The booking process of the smartphone is not clear as of now and what makes it more dubious is that buyers will have to sign up for a service called BeMyBanker by providing the Aadhar Card number and photograph.

BeMybannker is reportedly run by a group of banking professionals, and their aim according to the official website is to make your banking interactions totally hassle free and highly personalized.

Namotel Achhe Din smartphone features a 4-inch display and is powered by 1.3GHz quad core processor coupled with 1 GB RAM. The 4-inch smartphone also supports dual SIM. Adding to these features the new so-called cheapest smartphone in the world also has a 4GB internal storage, 3G connectivity, 2MP rear and a VGA front camera.

Namotel claims that its models are limited and will be available on the cash-on-delivery basis for customers who book it using the Aadhar Identity card. As of now, the company has not revealed the exact number of Ache Din smartphones units available or the precise date of delivery.

The official website of Namotel reads, ‘Joy and freedom represent the logo! The same joy will flourish in billion Indians in the form of smart Connect with (3 different looks and shapes) Android Smart powerful Phone at 99. We make this product to show love for India it is a ‘MAKE IN INDIA’ Initiative. This model is limited and it is applicable only for India and who holds Aadhar Identity.’

Raising more eyebrows is the note inside the Namotel Achhe Din smartphone page which says ‘Pictures shown on the website is for illustration purposes only’.

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