Shreyas Kapur of Modern School Barakhamba Road wins Intel’s ‘Google Thinking Big Award’

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Six Indian students win prizes at Intel meet in Arizona.

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Shreyas Kapur, a student at Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi, was declared the grand winner of the “Google Thinking Big Award” at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF), in Arizona, on Tuesday.

In all, a team of 16 students from schools in India won six awards at the Intel meet, to win prizes totaling $9,500, awards in the fields of biotechnology, medicine, biomedical engineering and mathematics, Intel declared in a statement on Tuesday.

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The meet featured more than 1,700 young scientists selected from 419 affiliate fairs in 77 countries. It also awarded $1,000 grant to each winner’s school and to the affiliated fair they represented.

Kapur won the award for the “project that addresses a large and seemingly-impossible problem, by finding an elegant solution with broad impact”. His project titled “Cellphone-based Optometry using Hybrid Images” also won him third position in both the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Biomedical Engineering award.

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Arvind Krishna Ranganathan from Ecole Mondiale World School in Mumbai won the second place for his project titled “Deterministic Approach to the Position, Trajectory, and Collision Prediction of Particles within Bounded Two-Dimensional Environments”.

Suhani Sachin Jain and Divya Kranthi of Centre Point School in Nagpur won the third award in plant sciences for developing an “Innovative Strategy using Endophytes for Effective Biocontrol of Insect Pests in Cotton”.

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Vasudev Malyan of Maharaja Agarsain Public School in Delhi won fourth spot in translational medical science for the development of a “Novel Paper Sensor as a Diagnostic Test for Multiple Sclerosis”.