Unleashed launches new website RideGuru, compares ride fares

RideGuru compares fares of different ride options.


Boston-based technology company Unleashed, LLC, best known for creating the popular travel site TaxiFareFinder.com, has launched a new website that brings transparency to the rideshare and ridehail markets, something many riders and drivers have been seeking.

The most important feature of the website named RideGuru is its comparison fare calculator which helps passengers compare fare estimates for different ride options. Passengers have to simply enter their location and destination to get the estimates.

“It is able to provide estimates for all possible rideshare and taxi options for a given trip, complete with a breakdown of the potential fares. Each estimate gets a “fare card”, and users can narrow down the cards by using filters, e.g. specifying the number of passengers, selecting luxury vs. economy experience, etc.,” said Unleashed in a statement.

The company has formulated an algorithm that is not reliant on rideshare companies providing the estimates. To provide accurate and trustworthy fares, RideGuru keeps a database of thousands of rates, and the algorithm is continuously optimized by real fares provided by users and drivers.

The fare charts of RideGuru will show the compensation received by drivers and the share that ride-hailing companies receive on each ride. This feature gives the public an idea of how much is going to the driver and how much is going to the ridehail companies.

In order to provide unfiltered information and industry knowledge to the public, RideGuru is hosting a Q&A platform called, “Ask a Guru.” Rideshare consumers will be connected with industry experts and questions will be answered by real insiders, such as drivers, travel authorities, and representatives from service providers.

“The innovation that rideshare and ridehail companies brought to the market is very impressive. While many welcome its emergence, it is also disruptive in a way, as it forced fast transitions to the market and left a lot of uncertainty and confusion among the consumers. For example, the fare and payout structures can be complex, and the rules and regulations can be vague. Our mission is to bring transparency to the market by providing useful tools and informative resources, and through connecting people with rideshare experts,” Ippei Takahashi, the CEO/President of Unleashed, LLC, said.

It supports a vast number of major rideshare companies, such as Uber, Lyft, Curb, Ola, Didi Kauidi, taxis and more, and the list extends across over 70 countries.

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