The shaming of America and democracy by Donald Trump

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OPINION: Is Trump goading his supporters to participate in civil riots?


Sujeet RajanWhile Hillary Clinton wore Red, Blue and White suits, respectively, to the three presidential debates, to subtly display her love and respect for America, Donald Trump has been busy eulogizing Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, criticizing Ronald Reagan, and with shameless bluster heaping lies upon lies to win over lower-educated White voters, the dim-witted and the ignorant – his trusted base, who gleefully accept the notion of ethnically cleansing the country of non-Whites and jail Clinton.

Worst of all, the Sexual Predator-in-Chief, starting with his previous debate statement of appointing a special prosecutor to look into dealings by Clinton and jail her, if he is president, is now guilty of openly inciting his supporters with constant cajoling to turn into vigilantes, monitor election sites, select neighborhoods, and to not accept the results of the election.

If America was expecting Trump to be contrite after last night’s debate in Nevada where he adamantly declared, in his traditional inflammatory style, that he would not accept the results of the elections, not accept Clinton as President, were in for no surprise at all today: he reiterated the same ridiculous sentiment, in a jocular way, at his first rally Thursday afternoon, in Delaware, Ohio.

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“…I will totally accept the result of this great and historic presidential election, if I win,” declared Trump, with his trademark smug smile.

It seems Trump wants civil riots in America if Clinton wins the elections. To have droves of his supporters protest, cause mayhem, maybe on the lines of protests that have broken out when some black men were shot dead by police.

Trump’s supporters at the Ohio rally on Thursday, a swath of white folks, cheered, roared their approval at this truculent school-boy behavior – to be stubborn despite numerous detentions – and chanted in unison, as Trump nodded in a sagacious manner at their willingness to do his bidding, accept his notion of a rigged election: “Lock her up. Lock her up. Lock her up.”

Forget Trump’s racially-loaded remark about removing ‘bad hombres’ and the fact that he is yet to apologize to his wife Melania for grabbing the crotch of many women, kissing many against their will, trying to bed a few – well, of course, Melania is ‘expendable’ if she dares argues back, there are no laws to having a fourth wife after divorcing the third – Trump is truly on a war-path not just with his own giant ego, which makes him flail and sputter at even the Republican party, but with America itself: he wants them to cower to his bullying and accept him as president, or else…!

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Trump, with his incendiary remarks of not accepting the election results, is not just belittling and debasing democracy. He’s trying to imitate Putin even before he himself gets a chance to become president; initiate a mini dictatorship in his own little world – perhaps the way he has surreptitiously done business too through his life.

In Trump, America and indeed the world can see a stupid bully rigorously trying to exert will power over gullible voters. And realizing suddenly that it’s not going to happen his way, is angry and mad at the prospect of losing face, not ‘winning’. He instead, as a measure of some repulsive, grotesque logic – much like his explosion of tweets in the middle of the night at trying to get even – wants to create turbulence, mayhem and chaos instead.

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Perhaps, Trump thinks by doing so, creating trouble with his non-acceptance of the elections, he will remain in public memory longer, be historically relevant decades later, even though for all the wrong reasons. Perhaps, he simplistically thinks it might be good ploy, great pre-publicity material to start a TV channel after Nov. 8th, to brandish his type of dirty politics, brainwash the public who adore him, mould grotesque Trump characters to carry on his shameful legacy.

The fact is: America doesn’t deserve Trump. America, overall a warm, generous and welcoming nation – despite its quota of ‘deplorables’, doesn’t deserve a ‘bad hombre’ like Trump. He makes America look bad. America is much better than him. Trump is a disgrace to America and democracy.

As Sen. John McCain today said in a statement to defend democracy, and condemn Trump’s stance on not accepting the verdict of the presidential elections: “It’s not the Republican way or the Democratic way. It’s the American way.”

(Sujeet Rajan is Editor-in-Chief, The American Bazaar. Follow him @SujeetRajan1)