Mumbai temple performs ‘Yajnas’ for Trump’s victory

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The temple did Shasan Prapti and Vijay Prapti Yajnas.trump-message

Prayers for the victory of Donald Trump seems to be not working for a few Indian American Hindus who now have entrusted people back home to conduct Poojas and Yajnas for the Republican candidate who will face the election on Tuesday.

According to reports, Vishnudham temple, located in the north of Kandivli, Mumbai, has performed two Yajnas for Trump after a few American NRIs requested the temple trustees to pray for the Republican candidate’s victory.

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Ramesh Joshi, a temple trustee was quoted by PTI saying: “We performed two Yajnas for the victory of Trump. The rituals were performed at the behest of NRIs in the US.”

According to a PTI report, the temple performed three hour long rituals on Monday for the smooth sailing of Trump during Wednesday’s election.

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The temple authorities said that a few Amerian NRIs visit the temple when they come to India and a few of them requested to do the Yajnas for Trump.

The temple trustees confirmed that two yagnas were performed for Trump on Monday, the first one being the Vijay Prapti yagna that ensures the triumph of Trump in the election and later conducted the Shasan Prapti Yagna that will help him with governance if he becomes the 45th president of the United States.

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Joshi also that the NRIs have assured that if he becomes the president of the United States, he will work towards eliminating terror menace in India.