Watch: Sawan Dutta’s funny take on addictions of Bengalis

Bengali aunty goes to Amsterdam


Sawan Dutta is back with the story of the Bengali aunty. This time aunty is in Amsterdam and wants to be an “Amsterdam girl,” though the city is unfamiliar to her. But, still, she doesn’t want to give up her identity as a Bengali.

As usual, aunt wears a big bindi, thick glasses, and pink lips. But, she has brought one more thing without which she cannot live; “shorsher tel” (mustard oil). “I’m in a country I don’t know too well. But, I have brought with me my own shorsher tel,” says aunty.

In every sense, she wants to be an Amsterdam girl though everything is expensive. “Everything is expensive, and cost is too much. But I am in Netherlands, I will go dutch.”

Going for boating, jogging, weeping for Anne Frank, and leching at Van Gogh makes her an Amsterdam girl. But she adds her own shorsher tel to food as she doesn’t like the cooking at hotels and makes sure that no one is looking.

As an Amsterdam girl, she has no restriction to do anything she likes. But, she doesn’t consume alcohol or drug as she is addicted to mustard oil. “But, drinking is a bad habit and drug is a danger. Shorsher tel is my addiction.”

Mocking Bengali way of life has brought Dutta many fans. The Amsterdam girl video has already been viewed by more than 3300 times in just two days. Earlier, her funny takes on Bengali’s had gone viral.

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