Trump won’t tolerate ‘dual role’ of Pakistan; US-India trade to flourish, says Shalabh Kumar

Bollywood celebrities to perform at inaugural ceremony on Jan 20.trump-with-shalabh-kumar


The closeness of President-elect Donald Trump with the US Republican Hindu Coalition is well known and going by the words of its founder cum chairman Shalabh Kumar, the Trump administration will by no means tolerate the double standards of Pakistan in dealing terrorism.

Speaking to ANI Shalabh Kumar said Trump has personally told him that the new administration that will take office on Jan 20 is “not going to tolerate a dual role from India’s neighbors.”

Kumar who is an acclaimed Indian American businessman is also part of Trump’s transition team.

Kumar indirectly pointing finger at Pakistan said to ANI, “The US President-elect made that policy very, very clear, that he is not going to tolerate a dual role from India’s neighbors.”

He added, “You need good defense cooperation among friends, which is happening but is going to accelerate dramatically in the common fight against terrorism.”

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Kumar maintains a very close relationship with Indians ruling right-wing BJP and also its parent organization RSS.

A few weeks before the presidential election Donald Trump had attended a fund-raising event organized by the US Republican Hindu Coalition. During his speech at the event, Trump had expressed his love for Indians. Later after winning the election, during a victory rally at Orlando, he reiterated his stand on Indians.

“Where are they? We have a big group. There they are. I want to thank you. You folks were amazing. They were amazing and voted and they were fantastic,” Trump told in the middle of his victory rally in Orlando.

During the final leg of Trump’s presidential race, Kumar had donated a whopping $898,000 million towards his campaign, which is approximately 6 crores Indian rupee.

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Going by Kumar’s words in the interview, Trump has set a goal for India-US trade relationship – increase the trade from $100 billion to $300 billion in his first term, which Kumar says is his goal too.

“That will be a win-win for both sides as both will gain millions of jobs,” Kumar said.

By increasing the trade relationship, Kumar says, there will be more than a million jobs created in the United States and more than 89 million jobs created in in India in the manufacturing sector, which is not as flourished as the software industry in the country.

Another revelation made during the interview was regarding the presence of Bollywood celebrities at inaugural ceremony on Jan 20 to celebrate Trump’s inauguration as President.

“You will see Bollywood biggies, Bollywood entertainment and all the ‘jhatka’ and ‘matkas’,” said Mamgai, daughter of Kumar and a former Miss India. She also shared her hopes about Trump’s relationship with India during the interview.

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“I think Trump is going to be the best US president for India so far as he has shown support to us, he’s very vocal about it,” Mamgai said.

After Trump called up Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and reportedly eulogized him as a “terrific guy”, there were speculations about his working relationship with Narendra Modi who he had earlier said is a “great leader”.

Talking to ANI, Shalabh said he is confident that the Trump administration will approve the bill that designates Pakistan as a terror state. “President Trump and PM Narendra Modi will undoubtedly share a good chemistry,” he said back then.