Republican Shalabh Kumar says Trump order will not affect H-1B visas

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The RHC leader says reports about a possible executive order to to crack down on H-1B are “fear-mongering.” 

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Republican Hindu coalition leader Shalabh Kumar asserted that Trump administration is not hostile toward H-1B visas.

In a news conference held in Washington on Wednesday, Kumar said President Donald Trump is committed to help American businesses and the US economy needs high skilled information technology workers. The IT industry is the largest beneficiaries of H-1B visas.

Bloomberg had reported on January 30 that Trump was preparing to issue an executive order cracking down on H-1B. But Kumar said dismissed it as speculation.

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“Once again… I assure people — particularly from India, and the people who are here in the United States on H-1 visas — there is nothing to worry about,” he said. “This is fear-mongering. There is really nothing to be afraid of.”

Kumar predicated that the US economy under Trump is going to grow “at the rate of 4 to 5 percent a year” and “that requires tons and tons of IT works” — particularly H-1B workers. “There will be a need of more H-1B visas. The number of people on H-1B from India is certainly going to increase,” he said.

The Chicago-based businessman, who has become one of the more influential power brokers in Washington since Trump’s ascension to power, stressed that the president will not hurt US entrepreneurs by proposing irresponsible visa policies.

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The H-1B visa is the most preferred non-immigrant visa used by the US firms to hire foreign workers, especially in the technology sector. Indians have received more H-1B than any other nationalities, with Indian tech giants such as Infosys, Wipro and TCS sending employing tens of thousands of Indians in the United States through H-1B.

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Regarding a recent ban on visitors from select countries, Kumar asked the administration to add Pakistan to the list. The RHC leader said he can understand the logic behind not including Pakistan in the original list. He added that Pakistan should co-operate with the US in curbing terrorist activities.

“There cannot be any difference between what it says and what it does. Trump would not tolerate that,” he added.