America First, India Second: video goes viral

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An Indian publication’s valentine gift for Trump

On this Valentine’s Day, Flysauce, an online publication based in Mumbai, came up a with a valentine’s message to US President Donald Trump and it is going viral in the cyber space.

The video addresses several reasons why India is the second best country in the world after United States.

In a series of “alternative facts” presented in Shaun Streeter’s voice, which is similar to Donald Trump, the video makes fun of Donald Trump’s personal scandals and political stands. It features a picture of Aziz Ansari as Tom from Parks and Recreation and says that at every corner of the United States there will be an Indian.

The video explicates that India should be America’s right-hand country because India is the second most populated country in the world and New Delhi is the second most polluted city in the world.

“We almost have the best pollution in the world. Almost the very best,” the video says.

The video jokingly draws similarities between America’s Michel Phelps and India’s Bappi Lahiri.

Watch the full video here: