Trump’s travel ban blocked in Virginia, too

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Federal judge says executive order not a sufficient evidence to ban travelers

A Virginia federal judge on Monday blocked President Trump’s executive order to ban seven predominantly Muslim countries.

The new ruling came just three days after the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals refused to reinstate the controversial executive order.

“Maximum power does not mean absolute power,” US District Judge Leonie Brinkema in Alexandria said, Bloomberg reported. “Every presidential action must still comply with the limits set by Congress’s delegation of powers.”

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The government “has responded with no evidence other than” its executive order to support its immigration and travel restrictions, Judge wrote.

However, the ruling won’t apply nationwide as requested by the state Attorney General Mark Herring but it is confined to Virginia state residents and institutions.

Many people were prevented from traveling to the US and others were denied entry on arrival after the release of Trump’s executive order. The American Bazaar had reported earlier on the chaos among international travelers in the wake of Trump’s order.

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The ban faces legal challenges as more cases have been filed in Brooklyn, New York, Washington DC, and Maryland.

Government will most likely ask Supreme Court to decide on the travel ban.