Five people from India arrested near US-Canada border

US Border Patrol agents intercepted and arrested the group outside Oroville, Washington.

Oroville, Washington, Border Patrol. Credit: US Customs and Border Protection

US Border Patrol agents have arrested five people from India who illegally sneaked into the US from Canada on February 8. These illegal aliens entered from the US-Canada international border near Molson, Washington. Once inside the United States, they were received by a Canadian national, who hurried the group in a rental vehicle.

The illegal immigrants and their Canadian smuggler then headed toward Oroville, Washington. Instead of taking the routine, shorter route, via Chesaw Road, the gang started on the 9 Mile Road. After 20-25 minutes into the ride, which is the time it takes to reach Oroville via 9 Mile Road, the Border Patrol agents intercepted the vehicle just outside Oroville. After initial inquiry, the agents arrested all the six occupants of the rented vehicle.

The smuggler who drove the group inside the US had not known them, a statement by the US Border Patrol Spokane Sector confirmed. It further read that all the illegal aliens from India had entered US a day before being picked by their Canadian smuggler. Upon arrests, all six were sent to the Oroville Border Patrol Station for further investigation.

“The success of our mission relies on the dedication and vigilance of our Border Patrol agents,” Spokane Sector Chief Patrol Agent Henry Rolon said, in a news media statement. “This is another example of the excellent law enforcement work that our agents do in the field every day protecting our nation’s borders and communities.”

The five illegal aliens from India were scheduled to be produced before an immigration judge who would decide on their deportation. The driver of the vehicle, however, will be prosecuted for 8 USC 1324 (Alien Smuggling) and processed for deportation proceedings, the statement read.

The statement, however, did not identify the Indians arrested or their Canadian smuggler.

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