45% of registered voters say H-1B visas help US economy, 23% say they don’t

61% want the H-1B numbers to be either kept at current level or increased: Politico/Morning Consult poll.

According to a Politico/Morning Consult national tracking poll, 45% of registered voters in the United States think that H-1B visa workers generally help the US economy, while 23% believe they hurt the economy. Among those polled, 12% said the visas have no impact on the economy and 21 percent had no opinion.

The poll of 2,000 registered voters was conducted over a three-day period between February 24 and 26. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 2%.

Interestingly, 61% of registered voters said they wanted either the H-1B visas be kept at the current level or increased — 38% said they wanted the visas be kept at the current level, while 23% wanted the visa numbers increased. 22% said they are in favor of decreasing the visa numbers.

At the same time, only 30% of those polled believed that H-1B workers fill jobs that most American workers are not able to perform. 44% said H-1B workers fill the jobs that most American workers are able to perform.

The poll also found that more registered voters trust Republicans in Congress (45%) than congressional Democrats (36%) to handle the issue of immigration.

On the issue of undocumented immigrants who are living in the United States, 46% of registered voters preferred the undocumented be allowed to stay in the United States and eventually apply for citizenship. In comparison, 38% said undocumented immigrants should be required to leave the United States.

Another key finding was a majority of registered voters (65%) wanted the United States to allow more highly skilled immigrants from other countries to come and live here. When it comes to low-skilled immigrants, a plurality of registered voters (47%) said they did not want low-skilled immigrants.


  1. John Smith

    what a complete load of crap. I have worked with Indian hiring managers and watched them “literally” trash every resume that was from a US citizen without reviewing them. We are being discriminated by foreigners in our own country. Indian workers want out of their over populated trashed country. And corporations just want more while not paying for it. A shortage of USA workers, is a 100% complete lie.

  2. Hillary is still up in the polls!

  3. 45% of registered voters have never had the misfortune of working with someone on an H-1b visa. They believe what they are told.
    The 23% who have worked with them want them gone.

  4. jakeleone

    Says one thing, the American people don’t know the true story of how the H-1b visa is actually used.

    More than 50% of the generally available H-1b visas are taken by Offshore Outsourcing to facilitate the removal of jobs from the United States.

    Tell them that truth, and see what their opinion of the H-1b visa would be.

  5. The current h1b program is not good. It is a curse to the h1b recipient. it needs major reform. Lottery should go away, companies should be able to hire US educated students or bring in foreigners (after they find no american/gc holder for it – in a reasonable period of time) without wait times for a period of 3 years. The h1b worker should be paid at par with US worker cuz they have proved they are really needed and not replacing american jobs. If after 3 yrs the h1b worker still is needed and should the h1b worker want to continue living in usa, he/she should be immediately given GC, without wait times. While the h1b worker is here, if married spouse should be given dignity of life and given unrestricted work permit. If the H1b worker has adult children they should get in-state tution, be eligible for federal, state, college aid and scholarships. The h1b worker should not be allowed to change jobs in the 3 year period. body shops/offshore companies should not be allowed to bring in h1b worker on deputation to usa at client sites. should they need to deploy people here as consultants the visa for that should be L1 (internal company transfer from india office to us office/clients).

    • In addition, should US graduating foreigners want to start their own business here, a new category of visa h1b-startup should be introduced. this visa should be made available to all those who submit a business plan that upon review by a select team of immigration and immigration deputed officers shows potential to create 5 american jobs and/or invest $250k in the US economy. If granted, after 3 yrs this person should present himself/herself before the team again to show progress. If met and should he chose to immigrate he/she should be given immediate GC. if on track and should he/she needs more time to demonstrate success upon the team’s discreetion the h1b-startup visa should be extended for 3 more years. In this period spouse/child should be treated with respect and should be eligible to receive unrestricted visa/opportunity for education at par with US residents.

  6. noh1bvisas

    all the polls said trump would never be president, too.

  7. Tim Langan

    Indian Lobbying Group Presses Washington to Preserve H-1B Visas. They are doing everything to protect their industry and citizens. When will The democrats and US LEFT start listening working class Americans ? Maybe we should outsource our politicians too. Disneyland fired hundreds of American employees and replaced them with H-1Bs. An unemployed Disneyland employee complains about H1B replacement… US government has one answer : “I do not care”.

    • for disneyland case, the savejobsusa group that lost their job should sue disneyland and cognizant. h1b visa workers did not apply for disneyland jobs and neither did disneyland hire any h1b workers. disneyland laid of US workers, and outsourced the jobs to cognizant who brought in their jobless workers who already had h1b from india.

    • LegalImmigrant

      they filed a lawsuit in a federal court and lost the case as they couldn’t proof any wrongdoing. there is also a hype about american workers training their replacement. no one can train or prepare their replacement in couple of weeks. the process is called as Knowledge Transfer, which is an industry standard whenever people quit/move or are removed from their projects.
      any knowledge acquired related to your work during job for the company is Intellectual Property of the company and needs to be well documented (many companies don’t adhere to documentation) and should be transferred to next person taking charge. In layman terms it is like passing the list of goods or cash register to next shift manager. those workers instead of finding a new job or acquiring new skills just politicized the issue.

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