Indian American Sandeep Mathrani among top overpaid US CEOs

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Mathrani was earlier considered for one of the key positions in the Trump administration.

A US-based nonprofit has listed Indian American Sandeep Mathrani, the Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago-based property firm General Growth Properties, as the fourth most overpaid boss in the US.

The list of 100 overpaid CEOs in the US published by ‘As You Sow’ has Mathrani in No. 4 spot with his total earning estimated at $39.2 million in 2016. The report says the amount he is currently earning is more than $26 million than what he is entitled to get.

As You Sow, which works in the field of environmental and social corporate responsibility also keeps a close watch of the CEO pay. They use several indicators such as the portion of pay that is offered in options and returns on corporate capital,

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The report, which consists of the names of 100 overpaid CEOs, is signaling at the dichotomy between their performance and the payment received.

According to the report, the most overpaid CEO is Leslie Moonves of CBS. He currently gets an annual compensation worth $56.7 million. Following him is Marc Benioff of Salesforce with the total compensation of $32,4 million.

The third CEO of to feature in the list is David Zaslav of Discovery Communication who has an annual compensation of $32.4 million.

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The study has also found that the companies run by the overpaid CEOs have been underperforming and they also cause a great threat to the shareholders.

Out of the 25 top overpaid CEOs, 15 of them are making into the list for the second time and 10 have featured as many as three times.

Mr. Sandeep Lakhmi Mathrani has been the Chief Executive Officer at General Growth Properties, Inc since January 17, 2011, and also has been its Director since January 24, 2011. Mr. Mathrani was previously with General Growth Properties Inc. as a consultant.

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Prior to this, he served as the President of Retail Real Estate at Vornado Realty Trust from March 2002 to January 14, 2011, and was responsible for all retail real estate activities in the United States and India

Mathrani was earlier considered for one of the key positions in the Trump administration.

General Growth Properties, headquartered in Chicago, operates close to 126 retail properties in 40 states across the US and has 1,800 employees working in different offices.