Indian American Sikh doctor Amandeep Singh gets death threats in Indiana

Dr. Amandeep Singh (Courtesy of PTC News)

Earlier, a Sikh man in Washington was shot in his driveway by a gunman.

An Indian American Sikh doctor in Indiana, Amandeep Singh has received death-threat call from an anonymous person. Reportedly, the unknown individual also sent threats through text messages and claimed to have murdered the number’s previous owner.

Singh told PTC News, “I believe if any human being goes through this, the emotion will be the same irrespective of their caste, color or religion. But it definitely creates fear among the general population and especially among the minorities.”

“It definitely causes concern. But again, discussing it with authorities was a learning point that we should always look for our own safety and need to be aware of the surroundings and situations,” he added.

Singh, a general internist at Monroe Hospital in Indiana told the news agency that the local police currently treating the incident as a racially motivated hoax. Bloomington police also found that the caller hacked the number whose original owner is alive.

Singh, who is concerned about his family, said to the television news channel, “I believe everyone is protective of their family so just taking the steps to have a basic home security system and I’m thinking about all another preventive measure to be taken to protect myself and my family.”

Singh immigrated to the US in 2003 after completing his graduation from a medical school in India. He has been living and working in Indiana since last three years.

Gurinder Singh Khalsa, Chairman of Indianapolis-based Political Action Committee (SPAC) said, “All the Indian community, not only Sikhs but all should come forward and join hands and take it as an opportunity to more and more engage more politically as Indiana is one state in American that does not have a hate crime law.

“We are already in contact with the state authorities and working with them on issues of hate crime not only in Indiana but also other parts of the US,” Khalsa added.

Earlier, an Indian American Sikh couple in Richmond revealed that they received a diaper on their doorstep with a bizarre note saying “You are under attack” and “Watch yourself.”

A Sikh man in Washington was shot in his driveway by a gunman who reportedly told the 39-year-old “go back to your own country”.

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