Oracle CEO Mark Hurd wants conducive government policies to allow foreign students to work in the US, after completing education

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We want growth and need talented people to spur innovation, Hurd said

Mark Hurd (Courtesy of twitter)

Oracle Corporation CEO Mark Hurds said on Thursday that the US should allow foreign students to work after finishing school, to retain their talent for the country’s growth.

“We have very supportive to immigrants. They are studying in some of the best schools in the country. We let them come and learn here. Why won’t we let them work here?” IANS quoted Hurd addressing a selected audience during a ‘Recode Decode Podcast’ in the company’s headquarters in Redwood Shores, California.

“We have many talented engineers at US universities. They have come from some place other than the US. We would like to hire them. We are doing a lot of R&D here at the campus. We want growth and need talented people to spur innovation,” he said.

Hurd also made it clear that his company has more than $50 billion investment overseas and would like to bring back the money to invest in the United States.

“Let us say via repatriation. We have our money overseas to the tune of $50 billion. We need that back and invest here to drive growth,” the news agency quoted the CEO.

Hurds’ statement came in the wake of stricter rules proposed by White House on the H-1B visas. President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to overhaul the work-visa program.

“My top job is to see Oracle compete, innovate and win against all odds,” Hurd added.