Racist comments about Ajit Pai in FCC public review; Niraj Antani calls it disgusting

“All issues are worthy of debate, but our discourse cannot include nasty and racist comments”: Ohio state lawmaker.

Ajit Pai (Courtesy of twitter)

Earlier this month, John Oliver through his political talk show, Last Week Tonight, asked his viewers to visit the FCC website and leave strong comments favoring net neutrality.

“Every internet group needs to come together like you successfully did three years ago,” declared Oliver. “We need all of you.”

A review of these comments by the FCC found that some of these were filled with racist remarks and inappropriate language directed at FCC Chairman, Ajit Pai.

Niraj Antani, a member of the Ohio House of Representatives, on Thursday condemned the remarks made against Pai in the public review calling it “disgusting.”

“While it is healthy and necessary to have public comments on major policy proposals regarding all issues, the racist comments made about FCC Chairman Ajit Pai are disgusting and should be swiftly condemned,” Antani said in a press statement.

“All issues are worthy of debate, but our discourse cannot include nasty and racist comments. This shows that regardless of party, racism remains an issue in our country. I hope all will join in me in standing with Chairman Pai against racism,” he said Antani.

The FCC earlier this week opened the second round of public review on the filing of the new net neutrality policy anticipating more public partnership in drafting the policy.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, like Antani, is an Indian American Republican.

Pai, who named as the FCC chief by Trump earlier this year, has been the target of internet scorn before over the net neutrality issue — especially on Twitter.

He recently produced a humorous video package to counter mean tweets.

“Why do you hate America?” one user asked in a tweet. Pai replied in the video: “Skinny Jeans, kale the Raiders people who say acronyms like BAE and claim to be woke. What more evidence do you need.”

“Ajit Pai has an insanely punchable face. The fact that he’s not getting decked in the mouth every day shows there’s no justice in the world,” another person tweeted. Pai’s response: “I think my wife might have a fake account on Twitter.”

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