Stand-up comic Raajeev Aggerwhil tickles the funny bone

The jokes out of the Indian American’s mouth are clean, a fact he proudly tells audience members set his brand of comedy apart.

The audience is packed with a desi crowd, everyone settled into their seats at Flapper’s Comedy Club. One look around tells you it’s family crowd full of Indian aunties, uncles, children, youth, and the odd mix of people who have come for a laugh. Raajeev Aggerwhil, takes the stage, an Indian man with a big smile and who reminds the crowd of a hip desi uncle which immediately resonates with his audience.

The jokes out of his mouth are clean, a fact he proudly tells audience members set his brand of comedy apart,

“My kids were standing in the backyard and these two deer were staring at them. Suddenly my son, Neil, said something and the deer ran away. When asked, he said, ‘I simply asked them if they wanted to try my mom’s cooking? Maybe a little Aloo Gobhi?’

Chuckles and laughter come from the crowd.

“Most Indians lack a sense of humor. The only time I saw my Uncle laughing was when his kid tried to divide a number by zero.’

When Aggerwhil’s set is finished his two sons Neil and Vicktor and wife Serykah subsequently take the stage while eldest son Raeshib claps and show his support from the audience.

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Each member of the Aggerwhil family deliver family friendly jokes that weave cultural nuances and clean humor together. As the show ends, the family enters the crowd to thank all audience-goers for their attendance.

Indian standup comics, let alone an entire family of comics or those involved in the entertainment industry is rare in Hollywood.

Aggerwhil, a New Delhi native says he is a techie, actor, and stand-up comedian. His material for shows comes from stories of his upbringing, pre-arranged marriage, and struggle between being frugal and wanting a luxurious lifestyle.

Seirah Royin, an actress and producer based out of Los Angeles, has worked with Aggerwhil and is a fan of his comedy,

“He brings a fresh perspective to everyday humor bridging the gap between first generation Indian immigrants and the younger Indian American generations. His humor is witty, clean and family oriented. He is making quite a name for himself in the comedy circuits in Los Angeles.”

When he’s not on stage, he can be seen in commercials, on Nickelodeon’s ‘100 Things to Do Before High School,’ and at Toastmaster events, although comedy is interwoven throughout everything he does. Aggerwhil recently added a dog to his family which he comments,

A new addition to our family — a Basenji. Good to have a dedicated friend who doesn’t mind being called an SOB!’

The next time you’re in Los Angeles, stop by Flappers Comedy Club, or look for the comedian on television.



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