Will Kamala Harris run for president in 2020?

 All indications are that California senator is preparing for a White House bid. 

Kamala Harris (Courtesy of twitter)

Sen. Kamala Harris, who has been one of the fiercest critics of the Trump administration, is currently on a fundraising drive to help party recapture the House of Representatives in the midterm congressional elections next year.

According to a CNN report, Harris, a freshman senator with just nine months’ experience, has already raised more than $600,000 for various Democrats, including $365,000 in small donations collected online. The report said the Indian American senator will campaign extensively for Democrats challenging seven Republican congressmen in California.

As the American Bazaar reported earlier, Harris had boosted her digital marketing campaign, spending more than $300,000, which is quite unusual for a freshman senator.

The Californian is reportedly also investing heavily in acquiring emails and brand building, which all points toward her future goal – a White House bid.

According to HuffPost, Harris received 48,000 individual donations, with average donations below $18.50. Her return on investment reportedly is 700 percent on every single dollar spent on digital marketing.

The senator has been one of the staunchest opponents of the Republican-led efforts to repeal Obamacare. A prolific tweeter, lately she has tweeted almost daily on the potentially disastrous consequences of the GOP move.

All indications are that Harris is preparing to run for the highest office in the land in 2020.

It is common practice for candidates eyeing the White House to help candidates in House and Senate races. Especially, in the Democratic party, where “Super Delegates” have a huge say in electing the party’s nominee, it is a worthwhile investment.

Last month, the senator was in headlines after Senate intelligence committee Chair Richard Burr cut her off twice while she was questioning Attorney General Jeff Sessions during a hearing.

Her aggressive questioning during the hearings prompted Politico to declare: “Trump hearings launch Kamala Harris.”

“The California senator’s fierce opposition to the White House is heightening speculation about her 2020 intentions,” it wrote.

Harris is also making efforts to court her African American base. Recently, she released a Spotify playlist to celebrate African American Music Appreciation Month.

“She felt, obviously, a little bit handcuffed. And now she feels like the handcuffs are off,” said Sean Clegg, a long-time Harris consultant to CNN.

“The Kamala Harris that the public’s seeing now is the same Kamala Harris that we’ve seen behind closed doors, which is a person with a strong perspective on public policy issues, who’s passionate about those issues, but who’s now doing a different job that’s about direct advocacy and about position-taking,” Clegg said. “It’s almost like she’s playing a different position on the floor and is showcasing parts of her game that she’s always had.”

Harris could soon be campaigning for Democratic candidates such as Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, who state was carried by Trump. She is also expected to do aggressive campaigns in the seven House seats of California that are currently held by Republicans. Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton had carried all these seven seats in the 2016 election.

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