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Trump government proposing major cuts in education; Indian American students will suffer the most

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STEM subjects, public loan forgiveness scheme, Fulbright program among other programs that interest Indian American students are in the line of fire.

As Trump administration proposes to curtail its expenditure on education, Indian Americans would be at loss, The Quint reported on Monday.

More than $9.2 billion (14%), along with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) 2010 will be axed. Although the Republicans and members of the Senate have come out strongly against the unusual measure, the major brunt of the decisions would be on the Indian American wards.

Reportedly, STEM fields, which include science, technology, engineering, and math, would witness significant cuts; in addition, programs such as 21st Century Community Learning Center that supports the after-school and summer programs, Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grants would be completely scrapped. As these measures would impact the STEM subjects, Indian American students are likely to opt subjects outside STEM. Other probable option would be to shift to private institutions, that come with a much bigger price tag.

The administration has also proposed significant roll backs of about $2.3 billion that would directly affect the strength of educational programs. Reportedly, the money saved will be channelized to programs for which the Indian American might not be eligible as their income levels are higher.

In another setback, the government has proposed to cut the subsidies on the interest cost that would result in escalating the college costs for aspiring students. The cuts, however, are not limited to subsidies but would impact the loan forgiveness schemes, too. The budget for the Fulbright program is also expected to be cut by almost half.

The report said that all these developments would mean that Indian American students might have to change subjects or opt for more expensive options or study outside the US.

Apart from education, the healthcare is another issue that would eventually pinch the Indian American families. The write-up points out that it might lead to children sending elderly parents back to India due to unaffordable insurance bills.

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