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Indian American places Seattle-artist designed giant Trump-chicken balloon near White House

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Trump-chicken balloon was designed by Seattle artist Casey Latiolais

If you are not one of the ardent Trump-policy fans and has objections to the way the president is conducting the most revered position, eBay has offered you a smart way to express your dislike.

eBay has listed a product titled “Have one to sell? Sell now Custom made 10 feet portable inflatable Donald trump chicken mascot golden hair”, which is a giant inflatable chicken with close resemblance to the US president, on its site that can be bought for $500.

Going by the details provided by eBay, the inflatable Trump-chicken is listed by a seller going by the name “newcastleglobal1”, who has also listed other inflatable products on eBay, but none of them seems to have received the attention that the Trump-chicken made.

Interestingly, the eBay product description page of Trump-chicken says it will be available for free shipping once the order is placed.

In addition to the inflatable product, the seller is also offering an air blower, ropes and sandbags to help customers set up the giant inflatable.

Meanwhile, Trump-chicken went on a public display near White House after an Indian American documentary film maker Taran Singh Brar kept one of the Trump-chicken inflatables to protest against the “weak and ineffective leader.”

Talking to USA Today, Brar told that Trump has been a big failure when it comes to releasing tax returns, Russian ties and dealing with North Korea.

According to reports, the Trump-chicken balloon was designed by Seattle artist Casey Latiolais, 31, and was produced in China.

“It’s great that this stupid thing I made a while ago has taken on so many things to so many different people and that’s what art is,” he said. “It’s whatever you want to make of it, I guess.”

The giant chicken inflatable is mass produced in China to celebrate the Year of Rooster, which is a celebration that comes in every 12-year cycle. According to Chinese belief, the rooster is the only bird included in the Chinese zodiac.

“They wouldn’t outwardly say, ‘Yes, we want it to look like Trump,’ but I was starting to get some clues with that. So I didn’t some sketches. They circled which one they wanted,” Latiolais said to

“When the inflatables came out, my mom said ‘I want one for my lawn,'” he said. “If you want to make it a positive thing about it that’s totally fine. I would much rather have a different president than making any money off this, I’ll say that,” Latiolais added.

According to Latiolais, who is a motion design artist, he designed a few dozen sketched of the chicken and asked the assistance of his clients before doing the 3D design and sold it to a client in China. It was only after a month that he saw the 30-foot inflatable balloon outside a new mall near Beijing.

Brar placed that huge Trump-chicken balloon on the lawn just south of the White House and near the Washington Monument after getting the permission from the National Park Service and the Secret Service.



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