Accenture techie murdered on the way to meet his girlfriend in Bengaluru

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Mishra, originally from Bhubaneswar, was living alone in Tavarekere, Bengaluru. 

Pranay Mishra, 28, a software engineer with American tech giant Accenture was found murdered in Bengaluru’s south-east suburb under mysterious circumstances.

Mishra was allegedly attacked by two bike-borne men near Chocolate Factory Road in South Bengaluru around 3 a.m. on Monday while he was going to meet his girlfriend after a late night party.

Mishra, originally from Bhubaneswar, was living alone in Tavarekere, Bengaluru.

Bengaluru police said after a party at his friend’s residence on Sunday night, Mishra returned home around 2.45 a.m. Then he called his girlfriend and informed her that he would be coming to her place in minutes.

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Mishra left his place on his Honda Activa bike and reached the Chocolate Factory Junction where two unidentified men stopped his bike and stabbed him several times in stomach and neck.

When Mishra tried to escape, they chased him and stabbed him again. The two men escaped after he collapsed. At the same time, few people noticed  Mishra and took him to the nearby hospital, where he was declared dead by the doctors because of excessive loss of blood.

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Mishra’s mobile phone and wallet were found from the place where he was stabbed, giving police an indication that the suspects could be somebody known to him and the motive could be personal vengeance.

Police said they have collected the CCTV footages from the cameras installed around the junction where Mishra was stabbed. Mishra’s sister Prachi Mishra who is living in Bengaluru with her husband has registered a complaint with police.

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According to Madiwala police, Mishra’s girlfriend, who also hails from Bhubaneswar, will be questioned once again even though she denied knowledge about the incident. “We’ll call her again for questioning to know whether she had informed anyone that Pranay was coming to meet her. We hope to get clues from the information she gives us,” a police officer said to Times of India.