Indian American radio host pleads guilty to sexual assault in Houston

Thakker is a celebrated stand-up comedian and radio host.

sexual harassment
sexual harassment

Noted Indian American radio host and comedian Sunil Thakker, 51, has pleaded guilty of sexually assaulting a minor girl and will be placed on a five-year probation as part of a plea deal.

Thakker, who sexually assaulted a teenager, is prohibited from coming into contact with girls under 17. He will have to register as a sex offender for the lifetime. Apart from this Thakker will be spending 10 days in Harris County Jail, pay a fine of $1,500, and do community service for 120 hours.

Thakker was sentenced by Judge Ramona Franklin of the 338th District Court in Harris County, who deferred adjudication of guilt until Oct. 24, 2022.

The offense happened in February 2014, when the girl identified as K.S. was 15. The parents of the girl found Thakker’s name in their daughter’s diary when she was away.

Since the family was concerned about the media attention the case may attract and uncertainty of the trial, they did not initiate the complaint initially.

Later the decision to take the plea offer was made to avoid media frenzy and free both the families from the agonies of going for trial on such a case.

The charges were filed by the Houston Police Department in December 2015 and Thakkar posted a $30,000 bond. Both the parties reached a plea deal with the District Attorney’s office in June 2017.

Harris County’s Assistant District Attorney Joseph Sanchez prosecuted the case and Attorney Asha Reddi represented Thakkar.

Though the prosecution had filed the girl’s diary and her statement, it couldn’t come up with enough evidence to prove the guilt. But the defense brought more information leading to deferment of adjudication instead of jail time.

As part of probation, Thakker will have to register with the local law enforcement authorities within 7 days. He will have to periodically report to the authorities and keep them informed of his movements. If he fails to comply with the requirements, he will be subjected to felony prosecution.

Hailing from Mumbai, India, Thakker is a celebrated stand-up comedian and radio host. Currently, he is the CEO of Houston-based Masala Radio, according to its website.

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