Buying iPhone X sitting on horse man gives smartphone inadvertent publicity

The whole stunt received wide coverage across media in India.

India is a land of rituals and how tech-savvy some might be, they still want these rituals to be followed. This is exactly what an iPhone enthusiast from Thane’s Naupada did while going to buy the latest iPhone X.

The man was seen sitting on a horse with a placard that read “I Love iPhone X” accompanied by a procession consisting of a band party till he reached the iPhone Store to book the latest smartphone that costs approximately $1400 in India.

Pallival, a youngster from Mumbai, went to the iPhone store located in Thane’s Hariniwas circle on Friday evening accompanied by a band procession inadvertently giving warm greetings for the phone in India.

Ashis Thakker, the owner of the iPhone Store in Thane, handed over the brand new iPhone X to Pallival while he was still on board the horse.

The whole stunt received wide coverage across media in India, giving a boost for the iPhone X that is yet to get popular among the masses and gave Pallival the publicity that he expected from the whole act.

iPhone X, launched by Apple earlier this year to commemorate the 10 years of its smartphone dominance, starts in India from Rs 89,000/- ($1375) and the high-end version costs Rs 102,000/- ($1576).

iPhone X is the first ever smartphone from Apple to feature a bezel-less design. It has no fingerprint sensor as it has been replaced with Face ID to recognize the user.

In addition to these, it has a futuristic artificial intelligence that is powered by the A11 Bionic chip, which is dubbed as Apple’s new “neural engine”, which enables Face ID, Animoji, and augmented reality apps.

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