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Jitendra Diganvker to run for Congress from 8th congressional district of Illinois

Jitendra “JD” Diganvker says he is running for office to give voice to middle-class Americans who are usually ignored by politicians in DC.

Jitendra Diganvker. Credit: LinkedIn.

Indian American Jitendra Diganvker has announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination in next year’s 8th congressional district race.

If nominated by the Republican party, Diganvker will be facing another Indian American and Democratic incumbent Raja Krishnamoorthi, and it will be for the first time that an Indian-American facing another in a Congressional election.

A business owner and community servant, Diganvker said he “is running for Congress to give a voice to the hard-working middle-class Americans that are too often ignored by career politicians in DC.”

“Immigrating to our great country, my family and I have experienced many highs and lows,” Diganvker stated. “My family came to America to achieve the American dream–to succeed or fail by our hard work and commitment. Today, career politicians have left behind hard-working middle-class Americans. I will be a voice for those very people who have been left behind because my family is one of them.”

Diganvkar is raising the issues of security, affordability, fairness, and entrepreneurship as part of his campaigning.

“I am not a politician. While most politicians pass laws yet never feel the effects of their actions, I come from real America. I have felt these struggles and know first-hand the consequences of Washington’s action, and inaction, on issues important to middle-class families. I will be the voice of everyday Americans in Washington,” said Diganvker.

Though he has not previously held elected office, Diganvker is of the view that his experience as a volunteer at the grass-roots level will help him serve the community better.

Born in India, Diganvker’s father was a government officer and his mother a teacher. According to his website, he graduated from Shah N. H. Commerce College, in Valsad, Gujarat, with a degree in Business Management and Advanced Accounting.

In 1995, Diganvker immigrated to the United States to pursue his American dream. He got a job working at a small retail store in Chicago, then worked as a ticket auditor for United Airlines. He became an American citizen on February 4, 2003, and after years of hard work and saving money he launched his first business. He ran his rental car business for years.

After closing down his car rental business, Diganvker launched his credit card processing firm based in Schaumburg.

The 8th District, which has a sizeable Indian American population, is centered in Schaumburg and includes parts of northwest Cook, northeast DuPage, and northeast Kane counties.

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