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Homeless people set fire to Indian American family’s fence in San Jose

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Video shows a person lighting propane fire.

An Indian American family in San Jose has been traumatized by reckless actions of a few homeless people, local news media reported. The fence of the home owned by Inderjeet Singh and his family was set on fire by the occupants of a homeless encampment right behind their home.

In a video footage aired by KRON4, a person is seen lighting the propane on fire. Within minutes, the entire fence was blazing.

Though a homeless person informed Singh immediately, he couldn’t put out the fire.

“A homeless person came banging on my door while I was feeding my newborn baby. I tried to put water on the fence but almost like three sections, gone,” he told KRON4.

The channel said that everyone in the neighborhood had run out and found shelter in the vehicles for some time. By the time firefighters got the fire under control, most of the fence was destroyed. Now the family has to pay out of their pocket to rebuild it.

“We just left and stayed in the car for about two to three hours. It was a scary moment for us,” Singh told KRON4.

“I was really worried about my baby because we got her after nine years of struggle and she’s really precious for us,” said Singh’s wife, Gagan.

The encampment behind Singh’s homes is causing serious trouble to the families living in the area. The authorities haven’t been able to find out the owner of the land to evacuate the homeless dwellers.

“When they closed down the jungle on Story Road, they went all over the city,” said Singh.

At least six fire breakouts have happened in the locality in a couple of months. Recently, three family members were killed after a fire broke out in their two-bedroom apartment in San Jose.

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