Indian student Mohammed Akbar shot in the cheek in Chicago

Apparently, the firing took place after an argument in a parking lot; Akbar was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital, according to reports.

Mohammed Akbar. Credit: Twitter.

An Indian student from Hyderabad was shot in the cheek in a parking lot in California on Wednesday morning. The victim, Mohammed Akbar, was immediately rushed to a hospital by the locals, according to news media and social media reports.

The incident took place at the Albany Park when Akbar, 30, was walking toward his car. Akbar’s father Mohammed Yousuf said that he was attacked after some argument in a parking lot. According to Akbar’s family, he is studying masters in computer systems networking and telecommunications. The victim has been enrolled at DeVry University in Illinois, according to Financial Express. He is living in the US with his wife at 4740 Whipple Street, Chicago Illinois, according to a tweet by the family.

The family has requested help from India’s external affairs minister Sushma Swaraj. “Respected Madam; My brother Mohammed Akbar aged 30, a student living in Chicago – USA with his wife has been shot and seriously injured at around 8:45 AM (Central time zone) in the Albany park neighborhood on the northwest side on Wed. Please help!” the tweet said.

The victim’s family is trying to get an emergency visa to visit and attend their injured relative. “Meanwhile, Akbar’s family met Home Minister Nayini Narsimha Reddy and sought his help in securing visas for the family members who wish to be with him at the hospital,” The Hindu reported. “Mr. Yousuf said his son needed them at the hospital as there were no acquaintances to help him there.”

This, however, is not an isolated incident of violence against Indian nationals in the country. Since January close to a dozen incidents of attacks on people from India have been reported, some of them even fatal.

(This story was revised.)


  1. Akbar was shot in Chicago, Illinois, not California

  2. Mr. Food Genius

    “Since January close to a dozen incidents of attacks on people from India have been reported, some of them even fatal.”

    And how many on whites? Blacks? Hispanics? Asians? Equality means EQUALITY.

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