University of Washington student Shree Saini crowned Miss India USA 2017


More than 50 participants from across the US contested in the event.

Indian American Shree Saini, a 21-year-old student at the University of Washington, has been crowned Miss India USA 2017.

Shree Saini 

Saini, whose parents immigrated to the US from Punjab, is studying at Harvard, Stanford, during the summer while being a full-time student at the University of Washington.

“I am so incredibly honored, overjoyed, humbled and excited to be chosen as your “MISS INDIA USA 2017”! God’s amazing grace has surpassed all the words I may have to express this fete. I am astonished by the blessings showered over me,” she wrote on her Facebook page.

Saini, who was also voted as ‘miss congeniality,’ will represent the US at Miss India Worldwide Pageant, where all national title holders like Miss India France, Miss India Australia, Miss India United Kingdom etc. will contest for the title of Miss India Worldwide.

“I believe in working together to create a hole that is greater than the sum of its parts,” Saini said. She wants to eliminate human trafficking and work towards promoting the importance of emotional well-being in the society.

She also runs a non-profit organization helping people in the US and around the world.

After undergoing an open-heart surgery for a pacemaker implant, Saini “had to work extra hard to reach” her life goals.

Prachi Singh (Indian Origin), a resident of Connecticut, got second place and Farina of North Carolina was at the third position.

More than 50 participants from across the US contested in the event.

Saini’s maternal grandparents in India celebrated her victory after the results were announced. “Our joy knows no bounds. We are proud of Shree, have high hopes as she, like her parents, has got deep love for humanity and charity,” her grandparents Vijay Luxmi and Tilak Raj Sachdeva were quoted as saying by Tribune India.

Saini’s mother Ekta Saini and father Sanjay Saini moved to Washington to start a business in 2005.

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