Wolff’s book: Nikki Haley, who’s ‘ambitious as Lucifer,’ is positioning to be Trump’s heir apparent

Nikki Haley
US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley; Credit: usun.state.gov.

Michael Wolff’s tell-all tome “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” which chronicles the first year of the Donald Trump presidency, portrays US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley as an opportunistic political figure, who is positioning herself to succeed Trump as the President of the United States.

“Haley—‘as ambitious as Lucifer,’ in the characterization of one member of the senior staff—had concluded that Trump’s tenure would last, at best, a single term, and that she, with requisite submission, could be his heir apparent,” Wolff, a journalist and author, writes in the bestseller.

The bombshell book was released Friday ahead of schedule after Trump’s lawyers sent cease and desist letters to the author and publisher Henry Holt and Co.

Wolff writes that the Indian American “had courted and befriended” the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump, who “had brought her into the family circle, where she had become a particular focus of Trump’s attention, and he of hers.”

He writes that it “had become increasingly evident to the wider foreign policy and national security team” that the former South Carolina governor “was the family’s pick for secretary of state after Rex Tillerson’s inevitable resignation.”

Wolff reveals that Trump “had been spending a notable amount of private time with Haley on Air Force One and was seen to be grooming her for a national political future.”

Describing Haley as a “traditional Republican,” with a “moderate streak—a type increasingly known as a Jarvanka Republican” the author writes the US diploma is “being mentored in Trumpian ways.” Quoting a senior official, he writes: “The danger here… ‘is that she is so much smarter than him.”’

In the past year, Haley has been more hawkish than Tillerson on many foreign policy issues, including on North Korea and Iran. Last month, after the UN General Assembly strongly denounced Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem, the US envoy warned many countries that voted against the United States at the world body. The United States “will be taking names,” Haley warned those countries.

In fact, Haley’s hawkish positions on many global issues prompted Slate’s Joshua Keating to call her “Trump’s Mini-Me.”

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon fears Haley’s “hold on the president,” Wolff writes in the book.  The flame-throwing Breitbart News chief is apprehensive that“Haley, quite an un-Trumpian figure, but by far the closest of any of his cabinet members to him, might, with clever political wiles, entice Trump to hand her the Trumpian revolution.”

According to Wolff, that was why, back in October, Bannon pushed CIA chief Mike Pompeo as the secretary of state after Tillerson’s rumored departure.


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  1. Mr. BillyHounddog

    Sounds interesting, southern girl here, born and stayed all my life. I cannot do cold at all!

  2. Garys_opinion

    By paying less taxes we are not taking out a loan, we are keeping what’s ours. The Government doesn’t own Americans, we own the government! It’s about time they figured that out.
    This is exactly why we need to cut spending.
    Obama added 10 trillion dollars to our debt and we got nothing out of it, but the left doesn’t want to admit that.

  3. Garys_opinion

    So far Trump’s doing a great job. You’d have to be Nancy Pelosi not to admit that!

  4. TheShapeOfThings

    I am not fighting a war in Afghanistan, I am fighting this war from inside the United States. I’m not presently winning.

  5. Garys_opinion

    It was the corporate tax breaks that were made permanent. This had to be done to encourage companies to return to America, thus creating jobs.

  6. Garys_opinion

    The Democrats had a chance to imput, but they failed to do so. They have nobody to blame bur themselves..

  7. Mr. BillyHounddog

    A couple of years from now, when the entire Nation’s economy is looking like
    Kansas’ instead of Minnesota, they will have to completely rework the tax bill.
    When someone gets it through to Trump, the genius, that he blew all the country’s money in one toss and now won’t get the big wall he wants they will have to rework this plan.
    As health insurance continues to disintegrate, they will have to rework this tax scheme, as more children die if they don’t get lynched first.
    When the country has to quit providing help after the increasing flooding, fires and hurricanes and the activists hit the streets – the tax bill will need to be reworked.
    When the General’s & the military industrial complex can no longer have increased budgets the tax bill and the oligarchy will have to change.

    If Ms. Haley wants to take over from Trump she needs to think about his base and decide if 30% of the population will get her elected. She might think about putting a little space between herself and Trump and Ivanka.

  8. Like her boss the dumb one she has never served and never step forward just a whole lot of mouth, very brave like a lot of cowards. She signed the deal that she was unqualified when she threatened a lot of country’s simply because they did not go the way we did, so in her mind when we give you things you owe us? Oh and then she had a party for the very select few who kissed our you know what.

  9. From what I have seen and heard from Haley is that she has loose lips and those are to be known in sinking
    ships. The recent rebuttal at the UN vote on the Israeli capitol issue sets the tone. Basically, her past experience lends no credibility to her qualifications and no I don’t see her as Trumps heir apparent.

  10. Haley would make a great president. This would make her the first minority president as a woman and as the daughter of immigrants from India. Anyone who disagrees is by the liberal definition a racist.
    go Nikki you have my vote already.

  11. RayEBrownSS

    “Ambitious as Lucifer”

  12. lies

  13. Crazy is a relative term. Tax breaks is a term used by people as if they are something special … its our money, not the governments. If you or anyone is not happy with your “tax break”, then feel free to write a check to the IRS. The rich pay the VAST MAJORITY OF TAX so one could expect to see what you call favor.

  14. what would you got from Hillary? raised taxes! hummn!

  15. What a crock but what is really bad is some people will believe these made up stories!

  16. Basically you said that American’s are crazy, the facts that you specify are completely inaccurate and who knows where you got that information from. But if you don’t want a tax break, you can certainly pay extra, no one will object!

  17. Of course, we could look at this a slightly different way. Beat 16 other Republican challengers, destroyed your best, Hillbilly in the general and now has set out to change the country back from the apocalypse that Barak and tried to bring upon us. I think the changes that have been made thus far are both wonderfully appropriate and clearly sane. It’s been awesome to watch the dems scamble from one nonsensical point to another (Collusion. etc.. Now Wolf tries the character point yet again). Trump was elected with everyone knowing full well he wasn’t the classiest person out there. Clearly irrelevant, he was sent to build a wall, bring a tax cut and reverse the Obamacare mandate. Two out of 3 in one year, not bad…and clearly not insane by any rational measure.

  18. Dude, you can give back your tax break if you don’t want it.

  19. Wow, Wolf, just a bit of a completely sexist remark, it’s Ok for men and of course HIllbilly (Clintons) to be ambitious but if a republican woman stands up and takes a job in the administration, they are Lucifer? Come man that’s not reporting or even a reasonable opinion. Just makes you look like the dope which obviously you are.

  20. I think the Michael Wolff book is wonderful because if Trump hadn’t won there wouldn’t be a Michael Wolff book.

    • Ya and all those prior Michael Wolf books have been so wonderful…not. Did anyone get a look at this guy, come on who goes out of the house looking like that. Did you listen to him, sounds like a fool. He starts the book with saying not sure which portions might be inaccurate “The author of the explosive new Trump book says he can’t be sure if parts of it are true”. So effectively this could be a fiction novel and the dems just eat it up. To be sure, Trump isn’t the classiest guy we have ever had in the oval office. But I will take his now actual results against previous 4 presidents combined. Thank you POTUS, job well done in your 1st year in office.

  21. VermontPharmer

    Does anybody know one person everybody can acknowledge is simply Fit for National Office?
    I didn’t say what party, nor what stance, or opinion, race, religion, ethnicity, or anything else…
    Just Fitness for National Office? Just Fitness for National Office? A question worth repeating..

  22. Martin Spacek

    I’d call that a very apt description, “ambitious as Lucifer”. I’ve had that impression of her from the very start.

  23. Thomas Dylan

    Only a dope such as Michael Wolff could conclude that everyone who is ambitious is evil

  24. Nikki is actually Dumber than Drumpf.

  25. EWilliams1914

    I will continue to state this until my last dying breath. It took 9 Black parishioners to die, before Nikki Haley was willing to support removing the confederate flag from states’ grounds. That tells me all I need to know about Nikki Haley.

  26. ClassicalAmerican

    Nothing you said is inaccurate.

    • It is true that the new income tax breaks for individuals are set to expire in 2025. It will require another congressional vote to extend them. The new corporate tax breaks were made permanent.

      • Because they had to be, because of the arcane way the rules work in the Senate, haven’t you been paying attention. 8 years could be two presidents from now, take your tax cuts today, worry about 2026 when that comes. The world will be entirely different place as it is today 8 years after Obama.

      • very important that the corporate tax is permanent to give you now a job and be able to keep one in the future!

        • Reality2Electricboogaloo

          your english needs better comrade.

        • Garys_opinion

          Our corporations have been operating at a great tax disadvantage for years. This is one reason that corporations have moved off shore. Trump is a business man and knows what is neded to bring them back.
          He’s doing a great job, in spite of the Democrats efforts to stop him. They need people to be dependent on the government for their votes.

          • False. Corporations never paid the face rate. Their money was never trapped overseas. The reasons companies moved overseas is because they can extract more and more from their hosts, like ticks: tax holidays, low labor costs, special enforcement of contracts, license to pollute people to death (Bhopal anybody? Bhopal everywhere).

            Trump is doing a great job at being a bumbling doofus and thereby deflecting media attention from the radical anarcholibertarian movement of billionaire criminals taking final control of the country from a cowed, dazed and ignorant populace.

          • We’ll see if you’re correct, but companies have already started moving back.
            Calling the president of the United States a doofus does not advance your argument, i does however flag your anti American mind set. Your last paragraph says more about you than the first!

    • Garys_opinion

      Everything he said was inaccurate! Wake up!

  27. S. Pertab Naraine

    Why this should come as a surprise to anyone is beyond me. One only has to look at the sordid history of Führer Donald Trump, and his early tutelage at the feet of his snake-oil peddling father, Fred Trump, to understand that this man attracts ambitious, back-stabbing power-crazed people like himself, all of whom have their own pernicious agenda of how to move up the food chain to satiate their churlish hunger to obtain and wield power over others. Such has been the case with Nikki Haley, if one would take the time to look into her trajectory towards her current stewardship at the UN. In addition to Haley the list of aspirators to glory, who have jumped on the Trump bandwagon, also includes Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and a longer list of minor minions many of whom are satisfied with the crumbs which fall off the table after the feast. Here’s some food for thought: when Trump and his inner circle, including Mike Pence, are vanquished (and they will….it’s only a matter of time, baby) as the noose tightens with evidence of their illegal activities, Ryan is next in line to occupy the presidency….yes, that very same Paul Ryan…that same dude with the ever-present Cheshire-cat smile. Land of the Free; Home of the Brave, indeed.

  28. the cons have an unbroken record of voting against their own self interest and being proud of it.

  29. DeCouseau Zhoyieerre

    All Trump, Ryan, and McConnell have to do to keep their right wing voter base appeased and happy is to let a few crumbs trickle off the banquet table that was exclusively prepared for the truly elite monied class.

  30. Nikki Haley to replace Trump? That sounds too good to be true.
    What with the Democratic Party obsessed with divisive Politics of Envy and Identity, and the GOP held captive by a scatterbrained loose cannon, I expect there are plenty of voters who would welcome her candidacy.

  31. MiltonDValler

    At least the GOP have heirs. Dems have…..er….Hillary again? Anyone else…… crickets!

  32. sharkguitar

    Nikki Haley is an embarrassment to America. She should resign and go back to her old job as a waitress at Waffle House.

  33. Tony Thypon

    Tricky Nikki. That’s all I have to say.

  34. mercurywoodrose

    sure, and black people will vote for trump now. what an amazing reality show. oh wait, this isnt a reality game show, its reality itself, reduced to the idiocy of a game show, the banality of a soap opera, and the criminality of a gangster movie.

  35. Chamcool Breeze

    If I knew you personally I’d take the second part of that bet and even give you odds even though you are too stupid to ask for odds. Moron!!!!

  36. Chamcool Breeze

    Nikki is a smart, attractive lady with a personality generally accepted in Washington.
    She is a winner.

  37. diablo casablanca

    I find it ironic that the short fat runt in North Korea can actually raise his position and stature on the world stage by launching a nuclear strike on Washington, DC. He is in a position to threaten an entity that is respected by nobody. It’s easy to slam and downtalk the USA, nobody likes the current regime and if it went away in a flash, well, no great loss.

    Think about that.

    That’s how cheap our reputation is with the Cheato in charge. Even Pence is a step up.

  38. She is a Sikh, known for their traditional aggressiveness and warrior like mentality, usually fill the ranks in India’s Military. They wear turbans, grow beards, and are from the region of North India, the state of Punjab. A little rough around the edges, quick to temper, riot easily, and had their fair share of massacring Muslims during the partition of India. Since then Sikh’s and Hindu’s have also fought one another in India, in some infamous riots, including the Indian army’s attack on the Sikh Sacred Holy Golden Temple in Amritsar, Punjab where holed up Sikh revolutionaries wanting independence from India had taken siege. There was a lot of bloodshed and as a result in 1984 Indira Gandhi’s own Sikh bodyguards assassinated her for her responsibility for ordering the storming of the temple.

    The British who ruled India for about 200 years, called Sikhs as good soldiers, opportunistic, entrepreneurial to the point of greedy, great followers, but not good leaders.

    To learn about Nikki Haley, read up on Sikh’s.

    ps. Take a lesson from the spelling Bee contests, the first Indian America (as in from India) to win it was in 1985, since then google how many followed. If this one Indian American makes it to the halls of power, especially a Presidential candidate, you can be assured a lot of Mitajee’s and Bitajee’s (mom’s and dad’s) will start preparing, and they prepare on war footing, with a single laser like focus.

    • She was born in a Sikh family, but converted to Christianity. Lots of Sikhs are warriors, but not everyone is. Haley is a neocon heartthrob.

  39. Dr Strangelove

    That Lucifer won’t hunt.

  40. much ado about nothing.

    While not exactly a fake story..it’s certainly done to keep the gossip going…

  41. grinninglibber

    BS – she is a lightweight

  42. The book is a pseudo-doc. Start with the conclusion and then fill in the pages. LMAO

  43. what communist taught you economics?

  44. Her heritage is from India. She isn’t native American.

  45. Inga Johansson

    Trump probably has grabbed her many times.

  46. They have a serf mentality.

  47. She will go down in flames. She’s a lightweight who spent the past year channeling the worst of Samantha Power, who herself should never have had that position..

  48. She’s insane and no where a genius as President Dotard. Anyone promoting Nikki Haley as a presidential candidate has too much fruit salad in their upper level. Either way Ivanka is the future queen heir of the Trump Regime just ask her.

  49. Warren Lauzon

    She seems to lack any real core beliefs, but that did not stop Trump so who knows.

  50. She’s a phony.

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