Former DHS chief Michael Chertoff joins the board of Edgewood Networks

Michael Chertoff; photo credit: Chertoff Group

Former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff has joined the board of directors of Edgewood Networks, Inc., an Indian American-founded cybersecurity company that provides networking products and solutions to government and private customers.

“We are excited to have Secretary Chertoff joining the g the board of directors,” said Vishal Verma, CEO of Edgewood, in a press release announcing the appointment. “He brings vast strategic experience in cybersecurity and the understanding of sovereign governments cyber requirements.”

“As India is transforming to be a global economic powerhouse, the country has to be cognizant of developing its cyber capabilities and cyber assets.” said Chertoff said. “Edgewood is well positioned with our cybersecurity capabilities to help India secure the Digital Revolution with [Prime Minister Narendra] Modi’s vision of Digital India and Make in India.”

Speaking with reporters over the phone on Wednesday, the former DHS chief, who now heads the Chertoff Group, said he intends to work with Edgewood and “help the company grow and develop capabilities in network security.”

“Like everywhere else in the world,” he added, India has “some real challenges in terms of protecting the data.”

He said that “because the adversaries continues to develop new tools,” cybersecurity “is a continuous and “dynamic process — not a situation where one can put security in place and say, ‘I am done’ and go off to do something else.”

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A graduate of Harvard College and Harvard Law School, Chertoff was the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security during President George W. Bush’s second term, from 2005 to 2009.

The Chertoff Group, which he cofounded after leaving the government, provides business strategy, risk management, and merchant banking advisory services to clients seeking to secure and grow their enterprises.

Edgewood, founded in 2010, provides security to networks in the civilian, commercial and government markets. It was founded by Dr. Deven Verma, a Silicon Valley technologist, entrepreneur and investor.

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