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Police in Miami announce reward for tracing killer of Indian American Kamil Patel

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Kamil Patel (Couurtesy of GoFundMe Page)

He was shot dead around midnight on January 25.

The Miami Beach Police on Wednesday announced $15,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer of Indian American Kamil Patel.

The 29-year-old Patel, who moved to Miami Beach from Dallas to work as the operation manager for Prada Bal Harbor, was shot dead on January 25 around midnight.

Patel and his girlfriend Katy Park were on their way to a karaoke bar after leaving Mac’s Club Deuce when a white Honda turned onto the streets behind them and shot Patel, according to a Miami Herald report.

Patel’s family also announced an additional $5,000 separately bringing the reward to $20,000, the police said in a tweet. The investigation is now revolving around a stolen white Honda Accord car, which has been located in Miami and one male subject is now in police custody.

Katy Park has started a GoFundMe campaign demanding justice for Patel. Her goal is to raise $30,000. The page has already raised $23,925 from 303 people in three days.

“He loved dive bars and I love karaoke, so around 10:30 p.m,” Park wrote on the campaign page. “[We] walked from his apartment, down Ocean Drive to Mac’s Deuce Bar, a well-known local favorite. We had one drink, talked and laughed, and I asked how long he was going to live there before he started to wear sandals year-round. He told me he would let me know when we got to the next place. We finished our drinks, said goodbye to the doorman and started walking to the Karaoke bar,”

“That’s when time stopped. A small African American male got out of the passenger side of a white car pointing a gun at us. He fired two shots that hit Kamil in the left shoulder and abdomen, then got back in the car and disappeared. I am alive because Kamil protected me. He didn’t hesitate,” she said adding that Patel’s last words were “Katy, keep walking.”

The Honda Accord car with a temporary tag of CCP4319 has been traced by the police to be owned by a man named Orestes Conrado Marrero, who has been missing from west Miami-Dade the day after the shooting. But the investigators are yet to ascertain whether he is also a victim.

In the meanwhile, the family and friends of Patel are preparing for his funeral this weekend.

“His brother and his cousins were going to come to Miami this weekend to celebrate his birthday and instead they’re going to be celebrating his life on his 30th birthday,” Park said.

On Tuesday, Miami Beach residents held a candlelight vigil where the shooting happened.

Miami Beach Police has requested anyone with information to contact MD Crime Stoppers at 305-471-8477.

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