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Gas station owned by Indian American Sikh man vandalized in Kentucky

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The business was defaced with racial slurs and symbols including “swastikas.”

A gas station and convenience store owned by an Indian American Sikh man in Greenup County, Kentucky, was defaced with racial slurs, and “white power” symbols and “swastikas.”

According to the WSAZ news channel, the store owner Gary Singh was shocked to see his store walls sprayed with highly racist and offensive graffiti.

“I’m just really shocked that somebody is doing that,” Singh told WSAZ.

He said he came to know about vandalism of his store from an employee on Thursday morning.

Police officers that checked the CCTV footage of the store found a ski masked man moving toward the store after 11:30 pm.

“I was really nervous about that,” Singh told the channel. “It happened to me for the first time in this store in four years time. I’ve never done wrong to the community here. I try to help the community all the time.”

Singh told the channel that he came to the United States in the 90s to fulfill American dream and what happened to his store on Thursday was more than a nightmare.

The police have registered a case against the unknown miscreants and also seeking the opinion of county prosecutors on whether charges of hate crime can be registered.

Singh told the channel that he is ready to forgive the vandals and hoped that they don’t mess with his livelihood in the future.

“Please don’t do it to anybody else,” Singh said. “Don’t hurt anybody’s feelings. Let them work and enjoy their life.”

This is not the first time that the store is getting vandalized. In 2014, a few former employees, whom Singh fired following a petty robbery, had vandalized the store.

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