Sandeep Rehal, former Weinstein aide, files lawsuit against mogul in New York

The Indian American former personal assistant lawsuit in California was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds.

Sandeep Rehal, the Indian American former personal assistant of Harvey Weinstein, has filed a federal lawsuit at a New York state court after her suit was dismissed on jurisdictional grounds by a federal judge.

The case was dismissed by District Judge Jesse Furman on Monday citing a jurisdictional reason. The lawsuit had named Weinstein, his brother Bob, former human resources director Frank Gil and the Weinstein Company as defendants.

While Rehal lives in California, The Weinstein Co. is a Delaware limited liability company based in New York. An LLC is considered a citizen of the state where its members reside. The New York federal court dismissed the case as Rehal couldn’t establish that none of the defendants were residents of California.

According to the lawsuit filed by Rehal, during the course of two years that she worked as the personal assistant of Weinstein, she was subjected to many sexually harassing actions, statements, and physical touching. The producer also dictated emails while being naked, she alleged.

Rehal said that the hostile work environment and the repeated sexual harassment have caused severe emotional distress, humiliation, and loss of self-esteem.

She said Weinstein sought her assistance to even get him clean underwear and to clean up semen after his “extremely prolific sexual encounters.”

Rehal said Weinstein made offensive sexist comments about her quite frequently and were made openly in the presence of other employees of TWC.

Rehal added that Weinstein had asked her to maintain a special list of contacts of his “girls,” who were his many sexual partners. She was also asked to buy gifts and dresses for his “girls”.

She also revealed in the suit that Weinstein wanted her to manage the stock of Caverject shots, which he used for his erectile dysfunction and was required to place one in his pocket every time he went for a sexual encounter, which she says was at least three times a week when he was in New York.

Weinstein’s spokesperson had denied the allegations saying they would “respond in the appropriate legal forum with evidence proving they are untrue.”

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