Indian American Alyssa Raghu enters Top 24 of American Idol 2018

Alyssa Raghunandan

Raghu also features in the Top 24 Sing Idol Theme Song Mashup created by ABC.

Indian American singer Alyssa Raghu, who was selected for the Hollywood Week of American Idol has once again made her dad proud as she is now announced one of the Top 24 contestants of the music reality show.

Her emotive solo performance on April 1 where she sang Wind Beneath My Wings in front of the live audience and the judges received huge applause. The 15-year-old yet again inspired the judges and the audience with her matured voice.

Hansraj Dennis Raghunandan, Raghu’s father, who was seated among the audience can be seen during the performance shedding tears as his daughter gave life to the lyrics of Bette Midler. Apparently, the song was dedicated to her father, whom she regards as her “superhero.”

Raghunandan is a former crew chief at the US Air Force. Currently, he is the owner of World Automotive Services, Inc., a company based in Orlando, Florida.

A sophomore at Lake Nona High School, Raghu’s parents were divorced when she was just two years old and the prodigy has been living with her father, who happens to be her “best friend” ever since.

In the American Idol introduction video, Raghu said that in the absence of her mother it was her dad who supported her in her music endeavor, helped her to achieve her dreams and pass the auditions, which she said is a dream come true for her.

Announcing her entry into the Top 24, the official twitter handle of American Idol posted a video that featured Raghu first in the list of singers who were filtered from Top 50.

Raghu also features in the Top 24 Sing Idol Theme Song Mashup created by ABC.

In addition to Raghu, other singers who made it to the Top 24 include Ada Vox, Amelia Hammer Harris, Brandon Diaz, Cade Foehner, Caleb Lee Hutchinson, Catie Turner, Dennis Lorenzo, Dominique, Effie Passero, Gabby Barrett, Garrett Jacobs, Jonny Brenns, Jurnee, Kay Kay, Layla Spring, Maddie Poppe, Mara Justine, Marcio Donaldson, Michael J Woodard, Michelle Sussett, Ron Bultongez, Shannon O’Hara, and Trevor McBane.

American Idol Season 16 has Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, and Lionel Richie as superstar judges who are on a nationwide search for the next superstar.

After Raghu’s first audition performance in front of the judges, Katy Perry said, “Sound that good in 15. Your voice is going to grow, it is going to grow till you are 21”.

Perry said, “All of my hairs on my legs, I have to go and shave my legs now. They just grew an inch and a half, because I full-body felt what you were singing.”


Indian American singer Alyssa Raghunandan impresses Katy Perry with her audition for ‘American Idol’ –  March 26, 2018


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