ABCD-fame Dharmesh Yelande conducts workshop in New Jersey

Choreographer Dharmesh with students of Navrang Dance Academy
Choreographer Dharmesh with students of Navrang Dance Academy

“We would love to have Dharmesh sir come back for another session soon,” said one of the participants. 

New Jersey-based Navrang Dance Academy, in association with TV Asia Channel, organized the first dance workshop conducted by ABCD-fame Dharmesh Yelande in New Jersey.

Yelande was the winner on the dance show in India named Boogie Woogie (TV series) and was first runner-up on Dance India Dance (season 2). He has starred in the Hindi movies ABCD: AnyBody Can Dance, and ABCD 2. He has also choreographed for the movie Tees Maar Khan. The artist, through the workshop hosted by Varsha Naik of Navrang Dance Academy, showcased his unique dancing style and acting and inspired the dancers to achieve new heights.

“Dance with Dharmesh” workshop was held in the TV Asia auditorium. Padmashri H. R. Shah, CEO and chairman of TV Asia, who was present during the workshop said he was mesmerized by Yelande’s talent.

 Shah honored Yelande with an award and said New Jersey is booming with talent, and his effort is to encourage people of all ages to come out and show their talents. He also asked the community to come together and support Naik in all her efforts to encourage young and budding artist and talents.

Yelande led a three-hour workshop and taught 60 young and talented individuals of New Jersey.

Impressed by the talent in New Jersey, Yelande said, “Everyone in the room understood the magic of dancing.” At the event, Yelande also shared a glimpse of his journey and what motivates him to keep dancing.

Naik acknowledged and thanked the entire staff of TV Asia and Radio Chai for helping her promote this event. She also thanked her team from Navrang Dance Academy for making arrangements for the event, which was managed in a smooth manner. Naik has had several workshops to her credit including those with Master Saroj Khan, Sandip Soparrkar, Master Satya and kathak guru Nishi Singh.

“This event was another great opportunity for young and talented dancers to come and learn the unique techniques from a star dancer and choreographer like Dharmesh,” Naik said. The workshop provided the local talent an opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.

The event received a lot of community support from various businesses and volunteers. The participants of the workshop also received a certificate from Yelande.

 “We would love to have Dharmesh sir come back for another session soon,” said one of the participants.

Yelande encouraged all the participants to pursue their passion and ended the session with a message for all the budding artists saying that they should “keep dancing.”

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