Republican fear mongering against Aruna Miller could backfire, says Washington Post editorial

Aruna Miller

The editorial criticizes the Republicans for undermining the situation despite the example of recent landslide defeats.

Despite the heavy setbacks suffered by Republican candidates who engaged in hate mongering for sailing through the elections, the Republican Party is still reluctant to mend its election tactics, points out The Washington Post editorial that snubs the latest hate campaign unleashed by Republican Party to defeat Democratic Indian American delegate Aruna Miller, who is running for Maryland’s 6th Congressional District.

The editorial rips into the Republican Party’s sinister mind-game that stirs fear of immigrants for winning elections. The Post denounces these election-strategies, saying that it is causing more harm to the Republican candidates than gaining votes.

The editorial criticizes the Republicans for undermining the situation despite the example of recent landslide defeats of candidates who tried to capitalize on spreading hate and deceiving information.

Recently, the Republican campaign in 6th Congressional District had accused Miller of “treating criminals like celebrities” and for allegedly encouraging the criminal activities of the MS-13 gangs who they allege have invaded neighborhoods.

Miller is one of the eight Democratic delegates who have filed nominations; and, such devious campaign against her invites an impression that she has already become a fear-factor among her Republican rivals, who by tooth and nail want to take control over the seat, which has been left vacant by Rep. John Delaney, said the editorial .

The Indian American candidate is a highly respected lawmaker from Montgomery County who has been advocating a legislation that would bar state and local authorities from asking individuals about their immigration status.

A mass mailer sent by state Republican Party has highlighted her decision to support the bill as gross negligence of caring for the lives of Americans and even tries to link her with the violent gangs such as MS-13.

Another email sent by the Republicans accused her of “making your neighborhood go downhill” by backing a bill to allow community-based organizations to establish centers to treat drug addiction and infectious disease. The mail also said that such a move would “bring drug dens to our neighborhoods” and “jeopardize your family’s safety.”

Miller, who came to the United States from India at age 7, has been in the Maryland House of Delegates since 2011, representing the 15th legislative district. In the statehouse, she has distinguished herself as a lawmaker, has been a member of the Ways & Means Committee and its various subcommittees. A civil engineer by profession, the issues she has focused include women’s rights, children’s safety, environmental protection, and transportation.

Speaking to The American Bazaar earlier, Miller said, “I feel my country has given me so many opportunities, like many immigrants feel. And I can think of no better way to give back to my country than to do public service. That’s why I spent my career, working for a local government as a transportation engineer. And that’s why I ran for Maryland state delegate in 2010 to be able to give back to the citizens of my country, to the residents that live in the state of Maryland. “

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