Indian American physician in Illinois indicted for health care fraud

Indian American physician in Illinois indicted for health care fraud

Indictment report says Pranav Patel, 51, submitted bogus insurance claims and defrauded $1 million.

An Indian American physician has been indicated by the Northern District of Illinois’ U.S. Attorney’s Office for stealing $1 million through his medical company.

According to the indictment report, Pranav Patel, 51, submitted bogus insurance claims through his southwest suburban medical firm named Palos Heights.

Patel, a resident of the Chicago suburb of Burr Ridge, allegedly created receipts of medical tests in the name of his patients without their knowledge.

According to Northern District of Illinois’s U.S. Attorney’s Office, the accused committed the malpractice from 2008 to 2013, during which he obtained at least $950,000 in fraudulent payments from Medicare and Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois.

The attorney’s office said that Patel submitted many fake insurance claims for a non-invasive “duplex scans” of his patients that where not actually performed.

He even fabricated a seven-page medical document of one of his patients and added up details of a follow-up examination that never happened. In reality, Patel just refilled the prescription of the patient during the visit.

The indictment report has leveled 12 charges against Patel – three counts of making false statements, two counts of aggravated identity theft and seven counts of healthcare fraud.

If found guilty of all the charges, Patel will have to spend up to 17 years in jail. Identity theft is punishable by a mandatory two-year sentence, healthcare fraud carries a maximum of 10 years, and making false statements carries five years.

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