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Indian American-founded SpringML opens office in, Indianapolis and Hyderabad, India

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Pleasanton, CA, -based company specializes in advanced data analytics and machine learning.

SpringML, Inc., a leader in machine learning and advanced data analytics services, on Tuesday announced that it is expanding with new offices in Indianapolis and Hyderabad, India.

“In order to better serve our growing customer base, we are expanding our capabilities and starting to scale,” said Charles Landry, CEO of SpringML in a press release.

“Opening offices in Indianapolis and Hyderabad gives us access to large, highly educated talent pools with great proximity to customers and partners,” he said. “It also provides great career opportunities for those looking to join a company and work on complex machine learning solutions.”

Founded in 2015, SpringML helps businesses accelerate by providing them insights from their data. The company’s application solutions and services apply machine learning to find solutions to some of the business problems, enabling them to serve customers quantifiable results. SpringML maintains strategic partnerships with Salesforce and Google.

Indian Americans Prabhu Palanisamy and Girish Reddy are co-founders of the company.

Palanisamy is the President and Chief Strategy Officer of the company, while Reddy is the Chief Technology Officer.

The release also says that the new capabilities will enhance SpringML’s commitment to provide state-of-the-art enterprise solutions and services that help customers benefit from the latest advances in machine learning and AI.

Our work in the energy, healthcare, technology and media industries drives major improvements to speed and accuracy by leveraging the power of automation and artificial intelligence.

Headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, SpringML is a Premier Google Cloud and Salesforce partner. The company has offices across North America.

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