Indian American arrested for trying to solicit sex from minor in Kentucky


Rahul Prikakart Patel also faces human trafficking charges

An Indian American man based in London, Kentucky, was arrested on Thursday after he allegedly tried soliciting sex from minors in return for money.

According to an official press release by Attorney General Andy Beshear, Rahul Prikakart Patel has been charged with counts of trying to promote human trafficking of minor and use of digital gadgets to induce a minor to engage in sexual activity.

The release said Patel was arrested by police on May 16 from a hotel room in London.

The arrest was part of an anti-human trafficking operation in the London area by Beshear’s office with the assistance of the Laurel County Sheriff’s Department, London Police Department and Louisville Metro Police Department Special Victim’s Unit.

“Human trafficking is modern day slavery that occurs in every county in our state, and the only way to raise awareness and prevent it is through working together in strong partnerships,” Beshear said. “I would like to thank London’s Police Chief Derek House, Laurel County Sheriff John Root, and Louisville Metro Police Department’s SVU Sergeant Tim Stokes in helping our office and our human trafficking prevention staff in keeping Kentucky’s children safe.”

Patel is currently lodged in a Laurel County correction center with a $100,000 cash bond. His arraignment was scheduled for Friday in the Laurel District Court.

The attorney’s office has also released a series of instructions for the citizens to help victims of human trafficking.

Here are the instructions:

Signs of a Victim of Human Trafficking

There is no one single indicator of human trafficking, but a combination of these signs are common in victims:

  • Travel together and have identical tattoos, branding.
  • Unable to identify what town or state they are in or where they are staying.
  • Lack official identification documents and personal possessions.
  • Appears malnourished and has physical injuries.
  • Avoids eye contact and seems to adhere to limited, scripted or rehearsed responses in social interaction.
  • Loss of sense of time.
  • Has possession of multiple pre-paid credit cards.

Reporting Human Trafficking

Beshear said it is the law to report any suspected case of child trafficking, and that everyone has a role to play in preventing human trafficking:

  • If a human trafficking victim is in immediate danger dial 911.
  • To report suspected human trafficking of a child, call 877-KYSAFE1.
  • Victims of human trafficking may also call or text the National Human Trafficking Hotline at 888-373-7888. Interpreters are available for callers.

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