The rise of mid-size business economy in Pakistan

The time to change has already passed; the time to mobilize and revolutionize has started.

How Octara Pakistan a top leading organization on transformational practices tabled a “national solution” as a blueprint for micro-power-nations. The “National Solution to Quadruple Exportability and Innovative Excellence in Pakistan” a White Paper, now released, as Expothon & Octara jointly announce FIVE special event series – Download White Paper & Program. There are already some one hundred million mid-size businesses across Asia, most performing at the US$5-50 million level. They are eager to quadruple exportability and innovative excellence and are excited to become the world’s largest combined economic force. Pakistan program is sharply focused on 5000 mid-size businesses representing 90% of the economical pulse. While other nations watch, Pakistan is taking a bold lead by attempting to mobilize national entrepreneurialism and raise grassroots prosperity. Here is some overview…

The tsunamis of almost free technologies are cascading globally and now even in the smallest towns and villages of the world give smart mid-size companies the reach and global power that was once reserved for only Fortune 100 enterprises. Today it’s less about funding and more about execution; less about MBA certification and more about entrepreneurialism and less about pushing old styles out of the way and more about understanding and applying a deep understanding of this global age amidst Quadrotectonic shifts.

The New Quadrotectonic Shifts

Four major global advancing cycles are already imbedded in mankind’s transformational psyche, and they are now awake and altering thinking and perceptions that will manifest itself in massive behavioral changes.

The Re-Definitions Of Work: The thousand-year old mindsets of earning models and job structuring will evaporate. Routines and annual distribution of time, with defined expected productivity based on the Julian Calendar that now impacts our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly regimented social and work fabric and culture will fade into the past. Each and every one of us will be impacted. These routines give cadence to lives, and we will need to learn to run to a different beat. When office-less offices start leaving office buildings, downtowns and corporate hierarchies morph, impacting economies with cities redefining their purpose and suburbia blooms? New styles of consumerism and distribution will occur. The confused future of 10,000 cities will start bouncing amidst super-smart living.

Re-Definitions Of Government Bodies: During the last millennia governments, in any or all forms, were everything to a nation’s citizenry and the world. During the next 50 years that will not be the case. It will have little or no credibility left as the all-encompassing true and honest leading body for a nation. All this will be replaced by sophisticated, independent, outsourced highly connected, accountable services taking care of the expenditures and implementation of national services. The political sciences and fake diplomacy is now being roasted by new live streams of truth and realties. The earth shattering shifts are in play and ready to slay these old traditional and broken systems. The swamps are full and overflowing, while the ground underneath is shifting.  Hark! The humming noise is not air conditioners but the silent march of prosperity seekers. Mankind is hard wired to survive; the survival strategies itself are entrepreneurial feats and this is how civilization has survived in this world.

Re-Definition Of Conflicts: There is a well-orchestrated, lubricated attempt to create, screen and make feel-good fake conflicts to keep the arsenal in demands and make the dogmatic populace scratch and sniff for votes. There is now a global scale realization of where and how conflicts are incubated and why they are considered the real economical driving engines of fake economies. Lastly, mankind is getting tired of standing to salute and cherish temporary glory; they will sit down and refuse to move. In either case this frontier will make the final Quadrotectonic shift that could make the rest of the civilized world obsolete for quite a long, long time.

Re-Definitions On Meaning Of Life: If millennials are going to leave their legacy it will be all about the re-discovery of quality of life; this is where so many previous cycles failed so badly. The survival of mankind cannot be assured by having status symbols for the masses. People want and need freedom of thought, movement and charters of basic rights. The failure at some point becomes very obvious; a global collapse is inevitable and equally apparent will be the launch of bail-out ships build with fancy floatable paper to rescue the sinking vessel. This will also become the next pending Quadrotectonic shift.

Somewhere in between these Quadrotectonic shifts lie the nirvana, the search of Gautam and unknown paradise.

Today, in Pakistan, OCTARA in partnership with Expothon is focused on quadrupling exportability and innovative excellence of 5000 mid-size businesses mostly in USD$5 to USD$50 million range

Speaking innovatively, innovation in isolation is suffocating; speaking universally, university degrees no longer guarantee great jobs; speaking economically, start-up businesses and incubators are exhausted like real-estate projects. Speaking politically, silence on hard debates and elimination of bonfires of creative intellectualism on grassroots prosperity proves incompetence. However, the miracle is still hidden right in our backyards. The bold ignitions of national mobilization of entrepreneurial talent are our largest buried national resource, and it is time for some digging and discovery. The key to transformation is bold dialogues and not single-day lip-service or teleprompter knowledge-based events. Time has come for leadership to prove entrepreneurial leadership and year-long mobilization of hidden national talents.

Hunter Gatherers were entrepreneurs; ask any academia now holding a pre-historic skull. Every mother is a natural born entrepreneur; someone naturally hardwired to stretch minimal resources and maximum their impact to make a family grow. As a grave leadership mistake, women are the most neglected groups; they have restricted access to entrepreneurialism. Society tries very hard, often with deliberate molds to treat women very differently. They fear the power of out of the box adventurous thinking that includes tolerance and reasoning and rely on the closed-minded rumination of the long-term and safe thinking of yesterday.

The biggest national hidden treasure of country is its hidden entrepreneurial talent; massively un-tapped, un-discovered, and un-commercialized, but ready for mobilization. What’s stopping it? Who is blocking it? The nation’s small medium enterprises are the driving engines of the economy and yet the most neglected by global leadership.

Expothon Strategy, a Canadian invention, was a decade in the making and was funded by Mentorian Worldwide that is always open to seeking alliances with trade bodies, Chamber of Commerce and top national trade associations.

How long will the global economic development standards stand up to the arrival of the Third Economy; The First Economy were the caravans, bazaars and silk roads; the Second Economy, was how to manipulate data to fit the national agenda, and now the Third economy, where real value creation is tabulated by smart technologies, creating simple, transparent balance sheets with the simple facts of bookkeeping that will give the true picture will save the world economy. Only then will trust be restored. Fooling the world with fake numbers is for fools. The future is hidden in simple answers and too often with forbidden questions. Expothon moves national entrepreneurialism onto election platforms and ignites innovation and commercialization at grassroots level.

The Rise of Mid-Size Businesses & Entrepreneurialism

The starting points of new global revolutions: It’s no longer important which economical model you support, which super power you endorse, or which nation to which you belong. The proof of decimated policies lingers behind fake economies, fake data and fake news and all of this is enough to recognize that the world is in the eye of an economic storm. We are in the vortex, whirling around totally uncontrolled and now it’s time to rebuild strengths and relearn ways to deal with the real truth.

Re-definitions of Collaborative Synthesizim: As CHINDUSA, China, India, USA, the world’s most important economies open trade, the CHINDUSA triangulation will strangle its weakest link. The other 100 micro-power-nations, armed with new platforms will start enjoying borderless new markets.

Re-definitions Entrepreneurial Immigration: Now the USA is considering talent-based immigration over lottery based annual quotas. How many other smart nations are now open to this sophisticated entrepreneurial game? Nouveau Entrepreneurialism has prosperity as it’s borderless, universally diverse and tolerant.

USA entrepreneurial visa program if deployed is a massive new game changer.
USA is primed to mobilize national entrepreneurialism and revive its grassroots prosperity

Understanding Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism: Many nations around the world have tried very hard to create entrepreneurialism but frequently failed. However, these same nations were able to create well trained armies and high-ranking officers because they were all trained in tactical battlefield engagements and by veterans from the real battlefields. Soldiers do not draw pictures of battlefields on whiteboards and run around with water pistols. They practice real situations in boot camp fashion and live the battles. Deniers should study the caveman. Why were they shown no mercy? Why did they have no option but to accept the wheel?

The time to change has already passed; the time to mobilize and revolutionize has started.

Viva le prosperity

Naseem Javed Chairman Mentorian Worldwide, the developers of Expothon Strategy and National Mobilization of Entrepreneurialism Protocols. He is leading a worldwide movement on how to create ‘supremacy of innovative excellence and business leadership performance’ via high speed ‘mass market penetration strategy implementation modules’. His latest work is getting global attention. He is a corporate philosopher, a world-class speaker, syndicated columnist and author of several books. He is building a global network of high quality Mentorian Ambassadors.

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