Sudhakar and Suresh Shenoy honored with TiE DC Legends award

Suresh Shenoy and Sudhakar Shenoy
Suresh Shenoy (left) and Sudhakar Shenoy.

Smita Siddhanti is the new TiE DC president; The EnDyna CEO succeeds Sheela Murthy.

The Washington, DC, chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE DC) has honored tech entrepreneurs Sudhakar Shenoy and Suresh Shenoy with the TiE Legends awards.

The awards were presented by former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe at the TiE DC annual gala held in McLean, VA, on December 7.

Sudhakar Shenoy is the CEO of Alyx Technologies, a Northern Virginia-based tech company that focuses on big data, cognitive computing, cloud deployment and analytics. Suresh Shenoy is the Executive Vice President of the company, which has presence in, besides the Washington area, Minneapolis, Chicago, Tampa, as well as in India.

“I wanted to be here to honor my great friend Sudhakar Shenoy,” McAuliffe told the audience consisting mostly of Indian American entrepreneurs. “He has been a great friend, and I don’t think you will disagree with me; there has not been a better advocate for your community than Sudhakar Shenoy. He is active in the community, he is always active, he always has a smile on his face. And most importantly, he always lends a helping hand to help out someone in need. He got the legend award because he truly is a legend.”

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Accepting the award, Sudhakar Shenoy said only in America his story could have happened. “[In the early days of his entrepreneurial career], a dear friend of mine told me, ‘You are crazy! Nobody’s going to business to somebody from a developing country,’” he said. “It was frightening. But I will tell you what. It is such a great country. It looks past our color, our heritage and decides to support us. I am so happy to see this room full of people who own their companies.”

Thanking TiE DC for the recognition, Suresh Shenoy spoke about the importance of giving back to the community. “At the end of the day, our brand, the TiE brand, is what we have done for the community, more than what we have done for ourselves. So it is our duty to not only give back to India, but more importantly, to give back to the county that we have adopted as our own.

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Both Shenoy brothers are alumni of IIT Bomay and the University of Connecticut. Sudhakar earned a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from IIT Bombay in 1970 and came to the United States to enroll for an MS and MBA from the University of Connecticut.

Suresh Shenoy followed in his brother’s footsteps and came to the United States after his bachelor’s degree in metallurgy from IIT Bombay in 1972. He completed his MBA from University of Connecticut in 1975.

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Sudhkar founded the technology service company IMC in Inc. in 1980 and ran it until August 2015, when the company’s healthcare division, which was doing mostly federal business, was sold to Calibre Systems. The non-healthcare commercial division of the company was rebranded as Alyx.

Suresh Shenoy joined his brother at IMC in 1989 and served as its EVP at the time of its sale. He is also the president of the Global Wheels Foundation.

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The Shenoys join an illustrious club of Washington area entrepreneurs who have won the TiE Legends award. Past honorees include Ranvir Trehan, Ken Bajaj, Sharad Tak, Frank Islam, Sanjay Govil, Sudhakar Kesavan and K. Paul Singh.

The evening also saw prominent Washington area entrepreneur Smita Siddanthi taking over as the new president of TiE DC from well-known immigration lawyer Sheela Murthy.

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Siddhanthi is the President and CEO of the McLean, VA, -based EnDyna, Inc. She holds a PhD in public policy and a master’s in technology policy.

Murthy, who stepped down as the president after a year-long tenure, is the founder of Murthy Law Firm, one of the largest immigration law firms in the country.

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