Trump calls family of slain Fijian Indian American police officer Ronil Singh

Captain Ronil Singh.
Captain Ronil Singh. Image via Facebook

Captain Ronil Singh of the Newman Police Department in Merced County, CA, was shot dead on Christmas night.

Captain Ronil Singh, a 33-year-old officer of the Newman Police Department in Merced County, California, was shot dead on Christmas night. The officer was attending to his duties at a traffic stop, when he was shot at 1.00 am. It was later revealed that the alleged shooter was an undocumented alien.

The death of the Fijian Indian American sent shock waves across the country.

On January 3, President Donald Trump made a personal call to the slain officer’s family to offer condolences.

According to his Facebook page, Singh started working for Newman Police Department in 2011.

A statement released by White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders about the President’s call to the slain officer’s family read: “This afternoon, President Trump spoke with the family and law enforcement colleagues of fallen Newman, California, police officer Ronald [sic] ‘Ron’ Singh. The President praised Officer Singh’s service to his fellow citizens, offered condolences, and commended law enforcements, rapid investigation, response and apprehension of the subject. Included in the President’s call were Corporal Singh’s wife Amanika [sic] ‘Mika’ Chand Singh; Newman California Police Chief Randy Richardson and sheriff Andy Christianson of Stanislaus County California.”

The White House had initially misspelt the name of the police officer and it was later corrected to Ronil. The statement also misspelt the slain officer’s wife Anamika’s name.

Police arrested the alleged shooter Gustavo Perez Arriaga after a manhunt. Arriaga had come to the United States illegally from Mexico.

A memorial service will be held for Corporal Ronil Singh on Jan 5.

Corporal Ronil was killed soon after he had celebrated Christmas with his wife and their 5-month-old son. The family had taken their last picture together on front of their Christmas tree at home just hours before Singh reported to duty.

Just hours before his tragic death, Singh had posted photos of a deep see fishing trip.

“I can’t believe this and right after Christmas too,” a friend wrote on his Facebook wall. “I hope justice gets served R.I.P. Ronil Singh you was a good dude and just wanna say thank you for your service ppl will never understand why you did what you did for your community until they walk that path as well. I’m sooooo sorry my friend.”

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