And now Kamala Harris action figure

Kamala Harris action figure.
Kamala Harris action figure; Image via

Kamala Harris action figures now join the other political figures such as Obama and Sanders.

It’s just the start of the run-up to 2020 presidential elections and things are already beginning to look interesting. When the junior senator from California Kamala Harris announced her run, there was bound to be interest both because of her putative career in law and also because of her diversity— she is the nation’s first Indian American senator and the first African American female senator. But besides a volley of supporters in less than a week, Sen. Harris has also inspired an action figure doll!

FCTRY, a Brooklyn based manufacturer, has just released a Kamala Harris action figure. The latest mini-me joins other political figures such as special counsel Robert Mueller and another 2020 presidential contender Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The company has also in the past made figurines of former President Barack Obama and Sen. Bernie Sanders. And if you are missing Trump in this camp, then well, there is an Evil Trump figure to choose from.

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Explaining the reasons behind manufacturing a Harris action figure, the manufacturer posted lengthy description on its website:

“Like it or not, you’ve got to admit that California’s got a knack for figuring things out a little bit before the rest of us. From big things like computers to smaller (but no less miraculous!) things like avocado toast, California always seems to be one game-changing step ahead. Speaking of which…

“Have you heard about Kamala Harris? In the last few years the Junior Senator from the Golden State has exploded like a meteor onto the national stage with her bold voice, fresh ideas and… a name most people still don’t know how to pronounce. Something tells us that pretty soon everyone will know her name.  But is she going to be the one who takes down Trump? We wouldn’t bet against her. In fact, we think Kamala Harris might just be the next political supernova! And that’s why we’ve turned her into an Action Figure.”

The description also explains what went behind to produce these Kamala figures. It reads: “To recreate Kamala’s likeness, we teamed up with our favorite sculptor Mike Leavitt. He’s the caricaturist behind our RBG, Robert Mueller, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and – yes – Evil Trump Action Figures. We actually went through two rounds of design to make sure Kamala’s relentless energy came through in the finished product.”

The six-inch tall Kamala action figures are priced at $19.99, and are available now on the company website for pre-order. But keep in mind it won’t arrive before the Spring of 2019; which actually can be the perfect time as the political scene is likely to get more charged up by the time winter wanes!

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