Kumail Nanjiani to do a show on immigrants for Apple’s new streaming service

The South Asian American actor’s new series is titled Little America. Nanjiani will also be seen on Twilight Zone that premiers April 1 on CBS.

With his romantic comedy The Big Sick, Pakistani American actor Kumail Nanjiani and his wife, Emily V Gordon, were able to open a dialogue about immigrant experiences in Hollywood. And looks like the subject is particularly close to Nanjiani’s heart. On Monday, during an Apple live-streamed event, the company announced a set of new series and service, including the most awaited announcement: the launch of its TV Plus Streaming Service. Among a host of new shows that were announced was actor Kumail Nanjiani’s new series titled Little America.

Nanjiani announced that he, along with Gordon, are writing and producing the new show, which will be focused on immigrants in America.

The dates for the series are yet to be announced.

On the television front, Nanjiani will also be seen on Twilight Zone Reboot that premiers April 1 on CBS. He took to Twitter on March 25 to announce his new TV role.

The trailer that is out for the first episode, The Comedian, has Nanjiani playing – a comedian. The stand-up comedian played by Nanjiani is struggling to find a foothold in the industry. The series gets further humorous when after striking a strange deal, funny things begin happening in Nanjiani’s reel life.

Both Nanjiani and Gordon are also set to be keynote speakers this upcoming weekend at the WG festival in Los Angeles. The two-day writing conference, hosted by The Writers Guild Foundation, provides a platform for emerging and working writers in film and television.


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