Lilly Singh’s desi spoof of ‘Game of Thrones’ is a must watch for Bollywood fans

Singh turns into desi Jon Snow.

The much-awaited last season of popular TV show Game of Thrones has had fans waiting for it with great enthusiasm. As the eighth and final season of the fantasy drama premiered on April 14, there were also various spoofs that were doing the rounds. Among various spoiler alerts and some spoofs, there is a desi version that has caught the attention of all desi GOT fans.

You Tuber Lilly Singh, popularly known as Superwoman on the Internet, released a desi version of Game of Thrones. In the now viral video, Singh is seen belonging to House of Singhs, instead of House of Targeryn, as in the show. In the funny take, the comedian plays Jitendra Singh – a spoof on Jon Snow.

The character of Daenerys is introduced as queen of New Delhi, master of dandia, protector of cows – in a satire towards cow vigilante in India. Singh also mimics Cersie in her video and is seen celebrating Rakshabandhan with brother Jaime.

Singh, who is known for videos both celebrating as well as humorously marking desi eccentricities, explained about her spoof video and wrote: “What better way to celebrate than to give my favorite show some Indian flavor. And of course, I had to recreate Battle of the Bastards through the lens of an Indian Soap Opera! Because if the hero can’t bend a steel sword with his bare hands, is he even a hero?! Enjoy Westeros with a hint of jugaad. Thanks for watching!”

The video has had fans in splits where Jon Snow, or Jitender Snow, in the video is shown celebrating the victory at Battle of Bastards by dancing to Bollywood’s energy boy Ranveer Singh’s Malhari. There is a bit of Indian superhero as depicted in cinema for decades too as the desi Snow also bends an iron sword with – what else, but bare hands!

Game of Thrones enjoys a wide fan following among desis and Singh’s spoof that plays along desi festivals, melodrama and cinema definitely speaks to a generation growing up watching GOT.

Singh’s tweet about her desi version of Game of Thrones video was an immediate hit with fans retweeting and talking about it.


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